Finished 18/6 Starting 12/12, Going To Leave In Dark For 36Hrs

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  1. please need help been told to do this - Hi need help quick I have turned my 18/6 light of at 12 last night 01/06/13, I have been told to leave in total darkness for 36 hrs then start 12/12 is this right, I have also started using Ionic Bloom and going to start using Ionic Boost in a weeks time, along with Canna Coco A+B, Cannazym, Rhizotonic, does this sound ok really need answer straight away as plants in dark at moment cheers D

  2. a lot of people give their plants a 24-48 hour dark period before the flip but it isnt required. personally i go 24. and as for the nutrients, i really havent a clue but im sure someone eill give you the low down.
  3. ive never heard of people putting there plants in the dark before switching to 12/12...i personally wait till the last 6hr of dark are up on my last day of 18/6 and switch to hps and set my timer to 12/12 its been working out great for me no problems at all
  4. U don't need to put them in the dark just go to 12/12.

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  5. As a commercial grower we do the same thing. It helps the plant to know ABSOLUTELY she is in flower. Most commercial growers do 24-36 hours of darkness to induce flowering quicker. It doesn't hurt the girls. In most instances I realize almost 3-5" of new growth in the dark
  6. As for the nutes, go to the Canna web site and be sure to follow the recipes. Good stuff, I use it at work in our coco grow.
  7. Just a quick note, most boost products are week specific. Be sure to check on this part. 
    for example, a PK13/14 boost is for week 3 and 6 of flower only. 
    You can use the all the nutes you noted above throughout the entire life cycle including veg, just be aware of the recipe amounts called for in each cycle.
  8. i have heard of doing 24-48 hours of dark right before harvesting. but not before going to 12/12. i believe some people believe doing this makes the plant think it is dying and throws all her juices to the flowers to die beautifully.

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