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finish the sentence:

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Someguysfriend, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. you know you're a stoner when...
  2. you forget to use the search button
  3. You cant remember the last day you were sober..
  4. ..... you are on this site!:smoking:
  5. When you ask other people "they know there a stoner when?" JOE>
  6. ... when someone asks you for a dime and you say "sorry dude, i'm dry."
  7. when your fridge is always empty
  8. when u still have an 8th left and think to yourself, dam... i need to get sum bud
  9. you have no idea whats goin on right now ;)
  10. Mmmmmmmm chocolate.
  11. the cashier at taco bell knows your life story
  12. When you get so desperate for bud you stab your dealer in the face with a pen and steal his stash. But then you wake up and just remember that your broke so you break down and cry. The only thing that drives you that entire day is knowing that you need to re-up. So you do the obvious and trick yourself out and after a few H/B Jobs you scrape up 60$. Sadly upon ariving at your dealers house you notice he is fully engulfed in flames. Of course you do the noble thing and stab him in the face with a pen, after running into his house and stealing his stash you laugh like a mad man as you run into the night while "Rock you like a hurricane" by The Scorpions plays in the backround.
  13. ...When you get stoned?
  14. slater, towelie, kenny from half baked, or any other hardcore stoner is ur hero
  15. i just have to get a lil' high!
  16. Hahahaha, dude I do that ALL the time. People always want weed at the skatepark, abd I'm just like nah I don't have any man, if I did I could. They didn't know I had a quarter in my pocket:p.

    and on the the thread..

    You know you're a stoner when your favourite song is The End by The Doors.:)
  17. You know your a stoner when

    U have more dealers in your fonebook then friends.

    Better yet all your friends are dealers


    - stay Up !:smoking:
  18. ....when you and your buds are laughing for a good 10mins straight, and once everyone calms down you ask "What the hell were we laughing at?" and no one can answer you.
  19. When you r telling your wife what you want for dinner and two seconds after you begin to tell her you go what were we talking about, no really that shit happed to me last night. :D JOE>

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