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  1. OK, so if i were to have touched a camera, and then the cop held the camera and touched all over where i touched it, could they still extract my fingerprints off the object?

    Or is that unlikely?
  2. It's very unlikely, but probably not impossible.

    Would take some good CSI work to extract the fingerprint data and ensure that it passes the "irrefutable" test that differentiates "stuff" from "evidence"...IF I were a lawyer defending you, I would question this, especially if others had handled evidence without proper protection(gloves).
  3. well seeing as they can easily get his, and compare to everything on there, and where the lines of the oil overlap, they can most likely take that shit out in a crime lab, whether you broke a law rough enough for a crime lab to be involved, unlikely
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    And they call me and say they want me to come in to get printed cause they have enough evidence to charge me?

    I feel like they're bullshitting me, she said she'd call me today to setup arrangements, and i haven't received a call today. I feel like they have no real evidence, they're just hoping they can scare me into confessing.
  5. hahah dont fucking do it, make them come to you i was in that situation, only i was innocent, you just fucked yourself if they know anything about you by publicly admitting that but whateva. So they said i burned a trash can...tht was over a mile from where i was at the time they say it happened and im convinced they wanted my prints to put on the can, cause i most certainly didnt do shit and wasnt about to put my prints on file for shit i never did. But, since you did it, and admitted it here, and they have the camera that infact DO have your prints, perhaps you just should leave people shit alone you fucking theif
  6. You don't have to be an asshole. I Made a mistake, first time ever stealing anything, and i was shitface drunk....

    But i fucked up. I take responsibility for it
  7. What is the situation? Maybe I can help you...this is my

  8. taking responsibily does not = trying to get away with it, just pointing that out. Take some responsibilty and go pay the mother fucker whose camera it was 2 times its worth. Like a man

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