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finger hash

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by clo-bear, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. any suggestions?

    recipe, step by step, process, pictures.

    just post anything you think i should do with what ever part of the plant,
    from kief to seeds and stems.

    i made a few batches of it already, and i want to try something different.

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    Make QWISO hash and Hashmouf has a thread on how to make it in the recreational section
  3. honey oil or buy a screen
  4. Here's a great one!
    Dr.GreeenTHUMB says, "Hey there, try this recipe! THis stuff works! And if you've got stems laying about or seeds, let me show you how to get some killer Kief Hash from them! THAT'S RIGHT! PURE KIEF THC FROM YOUR STEMS!"

    go here:

    and remember, Save your stems!
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    link that works:

    but qwiso is a better, easier idea
  6. thank you for the repaired link!

    actually it's not. if you know what you're doing it's pretty sweet. And Isopropyl is a cancer causing poison. it's one of the methods used for cigarettes and them things give you cancer!
  7. massive waste of time^

    finger hash is my favorite type of hash..
    make bho if you feel like doing a lot, or qwiso if you want to be lazy. bho should be all around better though.
    use a bubble bag & a few nickles/quarters to kif large amounts of herb fast, then press or do whatever you want with the kif.
    or make some butter..

    yeah. those are your options.
  8. im pretty sure isoprophyl isnt in cigarettes, and it doent cause cancer. the carcinogens (a.k.a. cancer causing agents) like formeldahyde in cigs give u cancer. and isoprophyl evaporates around room temp so it wont even be in the hash...which is why ppl make hash that way... lol

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