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Fine for baggy pants?!?!?!

Discussion in 'General' started by akgreenteam, Feb 21, 2005.

  1. Didnt the americans create naked news cause ive seen it on telly over here (U.K)
    But i dont know if itds different telly in the south of america oh well
    Dont fly 2 high

  2. please, no!

  3. Right on, not wearing your seat belt is just asking to be severly injured or die in a car wreck.. if you are "too cool" to wear one then in my opinon you are "too cool" to be alive and as far as the baggy pants go getting fined is pretty stupid but why walk around with your underwear showing anyways? no one cares to see it

  4. creepingdeath, just wondering where you are from..?

  5. i dont know what kinda seatbelts they got in the states but you barely know you are wearing one over here :)
  6. Yo moogle calm down all I was saying that in "free" america you should have the choice. I do wear my seatbelt but still think its fucked up that I can't make that desicion for myself or pay a $95 ticket.(or die). The police or gov are not my parents. Seatbelts are good but baggy pants are better thanks everyone for your opinion though....
  7. hehe sory, totally overreacting, life gota little bit fucked today, excuse me (i seem to say that too much these days, see what no weed does to me?)
  8. I know im still irritated about this. Most people who wear baggy pants are young. And worst of all Im sure its a racist southern thing. So what if cops/people think that baggy pants are a hoodlum/gang/punk thing whatever. Its how we feel comforable, my feeling of fitting in even. Think about this to, Most girls dont wear baggy pants so this is directed to males. If a guy is being "indesent" (spelling?), Im sure girls can wear there tight ass pants and show a little thong and noone has a problem, AND police won't give a hot girl a ticket! So Im going to say that this is a sexist law and hopefully someone in the state will press charges against the state for dening them of freedom to choose personal attire.


  10. ah, you crack me up dude :) :p
  11. Haha...fined for sagging, that must be the worst thing I've heard recently. I wonder what would happen if you wore very small shorts instead of boxers....police stops you to fine you but you just pull down your pants and say "yeah, but shorts sure are alright, right?"

  12. that's what i was thinking,

    akgreenteam..... as for the seatbelts, what if you had a kid, would you belt them in, or let them jump around and be responsible for thier death in an accident, who makes the decision for them?

    Peace out........Sid :smoke:
  13. Well sid I would buckle my kids up. But they arent old enough to make decisions for themselves, and they didn't pay for the car. I paid for the car, Im 21, I live in america so I should be able to decide for myself. So should you, and please its not about wearing your seatbelt or not, its about the choice.........
  14. even if YOU are fixed in if the person behind you aint they are gonna hit your chair and possibly snap your neck, i really can't believe how un-clever some of you are!

    if you were gonna parachute would you choose not to star the parachute to yourself? :D

    i am all for freedom of doing what you want to do but no one has given me a reason why to NOT wear a seatbelt other than "they are uncomfortable", admit it, its "cool" to wear one ya? just as its "cool" to smoke pot...

    freedom of clothing is a totally different matter, ANYTHING should go, inc. nothing... even on ugly fat ppl! not that i wanna see ugly fat ppl but its the principle

  15. freedom means not needing a reason. Personally, I have to question the intelligence of those who don't wear seatbelts, but I still don't think anyone has the right to force them to wear a seatbelt.

    And if it were my kids, then I hope I would have actually taught them well enough that they would wear them of their own volition.
  16. Haha, land of the free? you are talking about america right? that's a pretty funny joke if u say america is the land of the free
  17. ^
    I agree, but we have to fight for every freedom we can. Even if that freedom means allowing people to disregard something that could save their lives.
  18. I got a ticket for not wearing my seatbelt last week. Nothing pisses me off more than bureaucrats who don't understand personal property rights..


  20. and what country would you consider free?

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