finding weed

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by kbd, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. so last night i was trying to get my keys out from under my seat in my friends car and i found my bag of ~3g of some pretty good mids that i had lost the other night when i was drunk. that was pretty awesome because i had pretty much given up on finding that bag.

    and then today when i went down to the shed (it's not really a shed, it's a garage thats separate from the house basically) to have a nice wake n bake. i go down there just about every morning and sit in the same chair and smoke. and while i was down there i looked at the desk in front of me and sitting on one of the shelves was just a bag of probably a gram of some dank that i had lost back in november. it was just sitting there in plain sight. i have no idea how it could have sat right there for so long without being seen. i'm kinda creeped out. it's dried the fuck out but i think i'm gonna smoke it - i don't see any mold or anything.
  2. Haha the same thing always happens to one of my friends, he constantly loses bags in his house but constantly finds different ones that be previously lost.

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