Finding Weed In Palestine... :/

Discussion in 'General' started by Tastyblunt7, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, so im in Palestine to visit family for summer and ive had trouble finding bud here. My cousin says he knows a guy tho but he might not be a reliable connection. Any ideas on how to ask around for bud. People do smoke weed here, usually hookah smokers..

  2. Doesn't it grow on the side of the road there??
  3. Palestine monitors what websites people in the country go to.  Be careful, you might get raided now.
  4. So...if they usually smoke in hookah bars, wouldn;t that be your answer for a hookup then?
  5. Be careful, you get raped around those areas for weed.
  6. Shit id be scared shitless even having set foot in there.

    But yeah i heard it grows on the side of roads n shit

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  7. Jus use ur nose and if u smell weed ask who has the hashish
  8. Sounds pretty sketchy.  Actually, going there in the first place doesn't sounds so great
    Yeah, fuck going to the middle east right now. 
    I'd send my family a card and stay the fuck home. :smoke:
  10. Yeah i read two guys got stoned to death for sellin weed to undercover cops in Saudi Arabia. It was in the last couple years.
  11. Really you visit your family in Palastine? That's very surprising. I'd suggest avoiding it if it's sketchy over there, if not let your cousin get it for you , he is a local and will get the best deal.
    But this is Palestine?`
  13. ask a kid on the street
  14. Its still the middle east. They all bomb each other & shit
  15. That's pretty stereotypical and fallacious. You realize different countries have different laws right?
  16. He's in Palestine, not Mexico. :smoke:
  17. dont they kill you for marijuana possession there? I know that would be enough for me to never smoke weed again
  18. are people really this ill-informed?
  19. thanks for the paranoia. 
  20. Impossible :smoke:

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