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Finding weed crumbs when dry

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by YoungAdamm, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. I'm dry, where should i look for weed crumbs in my house?
  2. #2 420patient, Nov 21, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 21, 2011
    SMH... Dude really? Unless you grow or have multiple pounds in and out then ur not gonna find enough to be worth ur time.
  3. [quote name='"420patient"']SMH... Dude really?[/quote]

    Yeah bro. I'm bored as fuck and sick as hell. I found a fat nug like 2
    Or 3
  4. I don't think its worth it, you will prolly be smoking mostly dust and other shit thats in ur carpet
  5. i tried this before when i was desperate but what i accumulated didnt make shit and it didnt even do anything to me because it had been exposed to the elements pretty much doing that is useless i dont even try that desperate crap anymore i just hold out till i can get some actual bud plus a t-break never did anyone any harm and makes that next smoke so much better.
  6. I wouldn't smoke that rug nug. I've probably wiped a few grams worth of weed "crumbs" onto the floor in the past month. You welcome to come to my place and pick it all up.
  7. You're table where you breakup weed.
  8. Resin hit your pipe, man? I have a billion pipes but I have ONE that is my daily driver and that thing is CAKED with resin :smoke: . Always my go-to piece when I am dry!
  9. The table.. me and my brother leave soooo many little nugs.. or below it.. after a week its enough for a small bowl. Smoke resin if you're that desperate
  10. I always roll my J's on the same piece of paper and then put it into the same drawer. This leads to any shake or crumbs going into that drawer. That way if I'm broke or desperate (has yet to happen), I have a back-up plan haha.
  11. After going through two or three ounces, without a grinder, I'd bet you can find two or three decent bowls. If they are rug nugs, and not hardwood floor nugs, it'll be a rather hairy bowl, but if it's been a few days or weeks since you smoked, you'll still get high as shit.

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