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Finding weed at raves?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Liqweed, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Ok, so I have nothing to do this weekend and I kinda wanted to pick up some buds. I was thinking of going to this event (DANCE ROCK - Bang'er till you drop! - October 9th 2010) to possibility find some weed. The thing is, I know that there will probably be people selling harder shit there. Is weed even a big thing at these events? I just dont want to show up there, pay $20 and end up not finding some buds. I dont really go to clubs or anything often so that is why I was wondering.

    It starts in an hour and on the website it says that people will be patted down for weapons, do you think that would ruin my chances?

    I still have a bowl of resin left, but I dont really want to smoke it and get a headache, I would much rather pick up a dub sack or an eighth. I just cant imagine people selling weed at an event like this....And do you think there would be cops there?
  2. dat shit is gonna be packed with 9 you can cout on it and if theyre searching people i doubt youll find any inside you should try and "parking lot pimp"
  3. your prob only gonna find bud already rolled up so ppl can smoke discretely.

    i HIGHLY doubt it, but just go and have some fun and get some AFTER from a chill person there or some shit. You can find a connect there, but dont count on said connect wanting to sell bud at the event.
  4. the only thing you'll be finding at raves are E-tards, and e pills

  5. I was thinking of doing this, lol I dont smoke cigs but I was planning on buying a pack and just chilling outside smoking haha. But yea, I dont think anyone would risk selling weed there, but maybe im wrong.

    Chances are I wont end up going.....but the curious part of me at least wants to check it out. The only other problem is that I would lose my free parking spot that my vehicle has currently been occupying for the past week.
  6. The other thing was that I dont know anyone here yet, so I would be going alone, which sucks, especially sober, since they have a bar there, and im not of drinking age yet. And I dont think I would even bother with pills, I have bad enough depression as it is, I dont want to be down in the dumps for school next week, because I need all the confidence I can get to mack on some women.
  7. It's usually pretty hard to hookup buds at a rave, people have it stashed for afterpartys in thier cars etc, as its not really a "party drug", but an "after party drug".

    You'll have to waste alot of time hassling people selling 'other things' to give up bud from thier personal stash imho.
  8. the last rave I went to, cops were chilling outside but everyone inside was smoking up. Smelled delicious. Raves are expensive to throw so the security inside is sparse. Its up to you if you really want it

  9. yea, well thanks for the replies everyone, this is pretty much what I expected. People would be wanting all the energy they can get to dance till 4am, not some seedy indica shwag.

    God I need a fake id, I would totally go if I could just get hammered all night long.

  10. i wouldnt, given the fact that it probably has a bigger chance of being laced than the stuff you might find other places
  11. #11 Joe Luxon, Oct 10, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2010
    On second thoughts it might not be a bad idea, you may find a new hook up just asking regular "party drug dealers" (especially at afterpartys where everyones smoking bongs trying to come down).

    I remember finding alot of new hookups at afterpartys, and it sounds like your running short on reliable sources atm.

    even if people aren't carrying oz's at the rave thats no reason why that may not sell them usually ;)
  12. I got offered to buy weed from 4 diffrent people and spice from 7 at a rave when I was only offered coke, e, only 2 times. So in houston, yes, bud is easy to find at raves. Btw the weed was dank not regs.
  13. man go to meet people and maybe theyll hook you up wit a connec cause i kno where im at clubs be crawling w/undercover 9 lookin like regular people waitin for you to cop so they can bodyslam and hog tie you
  14. Meh, ill stick to me resin bowl for tonight I guess.

    But I do feel like going out for a bit so im gonna go to 7-11 and get me some drink and a new lighter.

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