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finding that fire green

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mstrmatthew, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. I can't find any legit beastin green to save my life, does anyone have tips on finding dealers that actually sell strains of weed like purp?
  2. if you got stoner friends, ask them where they get their shit from.
    then ask if you can tag along one day.
    make a purchase, get a number.
  3. Thanks. I should of been thought of that :)
  4. Yeah, just go places and get numbers. Most people don't care if you ask for a number, just act cool. They can't blame you for wanting to find the best.
  5. I just walk around and look for huddles of teenagers, 3-4 people standing in a little circle, just walk up and tell them that you'll give em a 5'ver plus you'll smoke them up if they can hook you up.
  6. A) purp isnt a strain hahaha

    B) Meet more people and youll find better dealers fyi if you came to me and asked for the strain purp id laugh at you Thats almost as funny as this kid trying to pay my dealer in quarters.

  7. u must be an apprentice smoker for real bro...

    if he came up to me and was like u got a strain of purp id be like..granddaddy?...kush? duh..

    but yea i just ask my friends i know that smoke if they know where the bomb shit is at...usually theyll hit up a few of their friends and before you know you got like 3 or 4 new nug connects....!

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