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    More out of curiosity, how do you find shrooms, where, when, and what look alikes do you have to worry about.

    Edit: I forgot when.
  2. I'd like to know this too, only out of desperateness:(
  3. Look for any Blue Bruising

    Only Psilocybin mushies will bruise blue

    and only bruise when fresh, so if there dried, look at the soft bottom of the stem for a bluish bruise.

    but remember, if they were dried with any heat... there bunk

    so best bet is build a terrarium and get to ordering.
  4. liberty caps grow in cow shit along the oregon coast (private property, you have to tresspass basically) there's alot up and down our coast, they're just hard to get to

    cyanescens grow under alders up and down the nw coast. one of the most potent psylocibes.:)

    there's another type that are related to cyanescens that grow on beach wood. they have a very small range in a certain area of the OR coast. not telling you that one. gonna look for some when I get out of school.
  5. Do shrooms grow on the east coast like in maryland perhaps?
  6. not so true not every psilocybin mushroom will bruise blue some that are poison will bruise blue too be careful.

  7. ya psylocibe mushrooms grow overthere some. The best state to find them overthere is probably florida.

    but in general, the pacific NW is the boomer hotspot.
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    I went searching today, found some, but I don't think are hallucinogenic. (I'm doing a spore print now) (I also found a bunch of large dead fish, I have no idea how they got there either, there isn't any water with such big fish anywhere close by)

    Whatever they are, they are not a known hallucinogenic in CA, throwing them away, going to check on some buttons which are more likely.
  9. Found three new species, I wish these spore prints where faster.

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