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Discussion in 'General' started by highguy5, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. I'm home alone for all of spring break and literally everyone I know is out of town this week. How the hell do I find a decent chick to bring home and smash? I've looked online and every website I've found costs money to communicate with their girls are their any other ways? I'm an attractive 18 year old and I'm not desperate enough to bang a nasty/fat/gross chick. I just want to get off a decent nut lol how do I make this happen gc?
  2. get a high end escort
  3. find people that did not go on sb, they are out there just gotta find em
  4. form relationships with females through speaking to them
    mutual attraction should take place, and intercourse will follow.
    fucking kids these days
  5. lol go to a party

  6. Join the fucking club man.

    Unless you have some female friends that are dtf you're going to be fucking you're right hand tonight.
  7. not gonna lie... my friend made me a plentyoffish account and was talking to girls for me for awhile, we were chilling one night and he was like. oh i have a surprise for you. i made a plentoffish account and met a girl for you, shes coming over! i was ripped and like whaaaaaa, next thing i knew, we were "watching" stepbrothers, werent really "watching" it though :D
  8. Get off the internet. There are females outside.
  9. In my immediate area I can almost always find sex, But its only cos my Ole lady is normally within arms reach;) :laughing:
  10. its harder to bring home chicks then to find them, so if you caant find any how do expect to bring one home?
  11. How bout going out like a man an hunting like a man?
  12. pof dude. sluts abound on that website
  13. go to a bar

  14. Ew, saw e-mails from before I was with my Husband wanting nasty fuck with Craigslist bitches, multiple, even footing them money...

    He finds it hard to talk dirty to me though.
    That's why I found a girl on the side, ready all hours for anything. :smoking:
    Oh and my hand, always your hand man. It knows you best after all...

  15. ^^^Oh and this. :smoke: Of course, it was implied...

  16. this is what everyone who isnt getting laid says.

    if you were attractive girls would be form a line to get a chance with you
  17. Not really, confidence plays more of a roll in picking up chicks imo.

    Just go to a bar/club with your mates, act loud and confident, and just chat up the ladies. You're bound to get some eventually.

  18. [​IMG]
  19. I always see those pop ups when im watching porn that are like "Bang hot chicks in your area" Or "Join the facebook of sex"

    Why dont you try clicking on one of those?

    Or you know... Go to a bar.

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