finding seeds

Discussion in 'General' started by hippie john, Apr 2, 2003.

  1. Where in the bud is the seed located? I tried totally cuting a bud a part and didnt find a damn thing!:confused:
  2. Not all plants develope seeds, in fact seedless bud is a sign of good quality. It has to do with the grow conditions, if there is only female plants around no seeds will develope and you get better weed. There are no male plants for a female to germinate and drop seeds.

  3. is taht true? hmmm thanks for info
  4. I dont think i looked that well cause I just smoked that stuff i cut up and herd 5 pops! damn seeds musta been hiding:D
  5. ditto......good weed = no seeds......= sensemilla....hope i spelled that right?.........but you may find them from time to time.....especially if someone is growing a a room roof and one male is easy to miss.....and it can pollinate a lot of females..............Peace out.......Sid
  6. Yeah, iherd about that. One male can pollinate like 1000 square feet of females.

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