Finding seeds in female marjuana plant

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  1. I harvested a plant and got a few seeds off it. Will the seeds by female as well?
  2. In the same way that we all have mothers and yet our gender is determined by other factors, it is the same way with plants, including cannabis. The seeds will average out to about 50% males and 50% females.
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  3. Thank you, I kind of feel like throwing them out now since I ordered female seeds anyway. At what age can you tell they are female?

    My last outdoor grow wasn't as good as my indoor grow. But it's too expensive so I am trying outdoors again. I used a 15 gallon smart pot and was wondering if I should go with that again because my soil is clay. We tested it- no nutrients. Just hard as a rock, wet clay. It cracks in the summer.
  4. Are you saying that you originally ordered feminized seeds, and that this plant you're now getting seeds from was born from a feminized seed?

    It is impossible to tell the gender of a cannabis seed without a DNA test or planting it in the ground and waiting until it hits puberty.

    And a thing about feminized seeds: regardless of whether they were correctly feminized or not, once that seed is planted and the plant starts making new seeds, those babies are going to be just like all other babies (roughly half male and half female). Feminized seeds sprout female plants, but female plants from feminized seeds do NOT only give rise to female plants.
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  5. Yes I originally ordered feminized seeds and it produced some seeds. Thanks for the info- I got lucky last year then when I used one of the seeds from the female plant and it happened to be female as well :)
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  6. If you plant to grow outside you going to have to amend your soil get a good compost worm castings and some kelp crab shell human and bone and blood meal those will help you have a successful grow outdoors in the summer if you cook the soil now and mix it together with your clay you have a substainable medium so that your plants can grow

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  7. The soil is my yard is terrible- I'm going to use smart pots. I used Fox Farm potting soil indoors and it seemed to work good. My ground is so terrible, we tried tilling it and it was a muddy mess. It floods the soil when it rains and cracks in the summer. We have a few fruit trees- I'm surprised they are still alive.
  8. Start a organic composting pile. Takes a few months but you can't remove some of the top soil and replace it with composting soil so you can just plant into the ground. I'd watch some YouTube videos just so you know what to do. It's easy but takes some time

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  9. The plant will typically start to show it's sex around 8+ weeks of age or 2 months plus. The female will shoot out a pistil right at the exact intersection of the "V" created by the stalk and a shoot. If it's a male, it will show it's part away from that perfect center spot where the two meet...a bit further up the stem or stalk. You can google "sexing marijuana plants" and find some really good illustrations, both hand drawn and pictures, of what you need to be looking for when the time comes. Once you see it once, you'll never wonder what to look for again. If you're dealing with high clay deposits in your soil, then you don't need to use that soil. These plants require a very light arid soil for ease of drainage and root spread. If you put them in something that holds moisture, they'll just get root rot and die. Dig a very large hole about 3 feet deep and 3 ft. in diameter and back fill with good outdoor grow soil with lots of perlite in it. You'll do much better with a plant in that than you would by trying to grow it in clay soil. TWW
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  10. I've been trying to get a compost going but it takes so long. I have a compost bin but it's not really breaking down.
  11. Tiny mids, I'm planning on growing autoflowers this year, do you have any experience with those? I have 5 gallon or 15 gallon smart pots- would the 15 gallon be too much?
  12. Enough to say that 5 gallon pots should be sufficient. They can only grow "so large" because they eschew photoperiod for their own timeline, meaning you cannot stay in vegetative phase indefinitely and are forced to work with the plant's clock. Because of that, I see 15 gallon pots as being overkill, but that might be a call based on preference.
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  13. I live in Oregon and we kind of have a short growing season so i thought I''d give it a shot. Hope they produce well.
  14. The plants will certainly grow nice, healthy flowers; don't expect plants larger than a modest shrub and you'll be more than satisfied after harvest.
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  15. My last grow I only did 1 plant. It was a Sativa and couldn't harvest it until Nov. By then, the weather was crappy and the buds were small, wasn't getting enough sun by the time it started to bud.
  16. In short YES..
    With no male to pollenate her she did the nasty by herself.. With only her own genetic material to work with she put up a nanner or 2 and self pollenated.. I've always found them to be female seeds.. I have 3 strains that dependably always toss 5 or 10 seeds if I let them go a bit long.. It's quite normal and the seeds are worth collecting and keeping against crop failure or clone fails..
    A true hermi on the other hand will have hundreds of seeds and they should all be discarded and the plants destroyed as well.. Garbage genetics have no place in your grow..

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  17. Only way to really find out is .....

    good luck
  18. This is 100% correct, if we are correct to assume the pollinating plant (the "male") was the same as the pollenated plant (the "female"). If the "male" was some male, you're dealing with that possible Y chromosome insertion into the gene pool of potential children. If the "male" was instead the same plant self-pollenating, then that female can only donate X chromosomes, and yes those children would all be females.

    TL;DR - Depends on the gender of the source of pollen, not the gender of the mother plant bearing seeds.
  19. If you harvested seeds from a herme, will all your plants from those seeds end up being 100% herme as well?
  20. No, those seeds would be female.

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