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Finding pot when going on Vacation

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dankdro, May 16, 2004.

  1. This is a general question about finding the good herb while on vacation. My situation is that I am crossing the border going into canada during the summer and I dont want to risk bringing anything with me. I was wondering what is the best way to find a dealer while visitjng a new town or city? I do not like the idea of just asking a random person on the side of the road for pot, fuckin cops are everywhere. Does anyone have any ideas?
  2. It depends where you're going. I'd just ask any kid dressed in really ghetto clothes if he wants to sell ya some bud. As long as you don't look/act like a cop or something it's usually not too hard to find just by driving around for about 20 min.
  3. i was in bc(whistler) and a kid just walked up and said need any

    then i said yeah i need some, got some
    and hes like yeah i got some wat do you want
    and then i said wat you got
    then he says wat you want, and suddenly he starts spitting out strains......he had 8ths of everything sweet! and it was dro, and only 30$ a 8th, best shit ive ever had
  4. yeah dude, sh!t in canada is dirt cheap (not like mexico tho). you can even buy it off the net, but they only ship to canada, so have them ship it to a cabin or something u are staying at (if you are).

    or if you wanted to bring some with you, they do not check nearly as thouroghly as when u come out. Put it in a couple skunk proof bags and tape it to the bottom of your seat.

    Or if you are going to a decent sized city, you can get some from some kid like tehpottestmofi0 said.
  5. lol I wish you could order weed through mail, lol thats not true at least not yet, the best place is to ask random people at a bus station, just trust me :), and yes we have dirt cheap weed I pay 25 for 1/8'th and I just found a guy who does a ounce for 150
  6. thats not too cheap, i pay 65 for a half.
    here is the site...

    check it out, weed by mailorder within canada
  7. thanks for the help everyone..... actually I am going to Montreal, and I am taking a bus, so when i get off I will try to find some teenagers that are hanging around....

  8. good luck man
  9. ideal: where in ontario are you?

  10. at a loss for words. that is FUCING AWESOME! maybe canada is the place for me ;)

    is this dude 100% legit? omfg that is the coolest shit ive heard

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