Finding out what happened last night...

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Daggermouth, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Isn't it really interesting when you're fucked up on something, and then you find out all the stupid shit you did the night before?

    This tim
    e it was dxm...a pretty crazy trip indeed.


    i saw u talking to a wall
    forthekids styg: really?
    forthekids styg: where
    mewithoutYou2222: upstairs
    forthekids styg: what was I saying?
    mewithoutYou2222: idk
    mewithoutYou2222: something about somone needs to chill
    forthekids styg: wow
    forthekids styg: I was more fucked up then I thought I was then...
  2. lol haha i read your thread last night on how fucked up you were
  3. bahaha. Indeed I did post one Saturday. I just love the stories from other people as they tell you all the dumb shit that night.

    At school today I also found out I was telling a friend to stop sitting on my one was there.
  4. dxm is a great drug man. so after your experience last night, do you think you'll be doing it again?
  5. Oh without a doubt. In fact next weekend I'm buying about 900mg and I'm going to have a night just to myself and attempt to reach the 3rd plateau. I've always used it in a recreational way but I think I'd like to trip by myself for once. I think I'll kick back with my ipod, turn off the lights, and see where it takes me. DXM is my favorite drug currently, no matter what people say about it.

  6. dude. im deff going to grab an 8Oz bottle tonight and down 6.3 oz of it. hoping for 2nd plat
  7. i've always wanted to hit the 3rd plateau.... i'll have to save that for a later time i guess because i want to do it with someone but no one is ever willing to
  8. that's how i felt for awhile. i tripped steady for several days, had a blast until i piggybacked doses on accident. the person driving the car kinda drove to my driveway and rolled me out the car. if my stomach wasn't fucked up right now, i would be dexing.

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