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Finding old bud in an old grinder.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ismellbud, May 23, 2010.

  1. So I just recently moved out of my place to another place and while cleaning out my room found my old grinder and just threw it into a box with random stuff. Earlier today I picked up a couple dubs of some dank woody kush and decided to use that old grinder I found. I haven't used this grinder for over half a year. I opened the grinder and found about .5 grams of ground up bud!! I inspected and it was very dry obviously but there was no mold. I had no idea what type of bud it was but I figured it'd still be ok cause it hasn't been a year. Anyone ever have this happen to them? I felt like I won the lottery haha. I just mixed it up with the woody kush and rolled a j. Gonna smokes it later tonight :hello:.
  2. Finding lost and forgotten weed is one of the better feelings there is. It's especially good when your out though.
  3. Let me know how it goes hope you dont die
  4. Yeah finding some weed that you lost or forgot about is awesome, feels like free weed. :hello:
  5. I found an ounce once when I was moving into a house. But it was nasty and we ended up throwing it out.
  6. haha omg i do this constantly..and it seriously is like winning the lotto haha...especially on those shitty fuckin days..just makes ur day/night so much fuckin better:D
  7. how nasty must a free oz be to throw it out?
  8. Shit, wait.. u guys think this is safe to smoke?? I'm gonna guess at most it is.. 6 months old. Safe to smoke?? No mold as far as I can tell, it is just really dry
  9. It's smoke-able might be harsh as though...I burned a zone down that was about a year old...long as it wasn't exposed to lots of heat burn it down.
  10. I was looking in the back of my amp and I found a jar of bud, I had no idea how it got there... those 2 bowls were dank though
  11. i have a fruit punch can that is a secret stash can. when i was like 15 i hid it and forgot about it. when i was 16 cleaning my closet i found it and 2 grams of brown and dry mids.

    i smoked that shit and it was rough as hell on my lungs but still did the job. wasn't moldy either the can was a air tight one lol!
  12. I was cleaning out my backpack and found a bag with a few grams of some dank ass orange kush that was a couple weeks old. I completely forgot i had it there and was happy cause i was running low on buds that day :)

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