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Finding new dealers/buying alone

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ashdown, May 3, 2011.

  1. Hey all.

    I've been smoking weed for a while now (2-3 years, I'm 19 now). This has never been a regular thing, just whenever it's available, and me and my mates feel like it. Usually at parties/festivals. Now I'm at uni and no longer living with my parents, I've decided to invest in a pipe (the Bud Bomb - used one the other day, enjoyed it far more than joints) and a grinder.

    The thing is, anyone I've ever bought off has been a friend who became a dealer, or people my other friends already knew. I've never met a dealer on my own. Some of my uni mates know dealers and I'll be able to buy from them, but I'd like to have some contacts of my own.

    Finally, I've never bought weed on my own, I've always been with at least one other person. Anyone got any advice that can help me?

    I'm in the UK btw.
  2. Tip #1 since you're alone:

    If it seems sketch then it probably is, only make transactions where you feel comfortable.
  3. Dont carry more money than the pickup costs. I'd leave my phone behind too on the first one too.
  4. Buying weed really isn't that big of a deal. You show up, say hi to your dealer, look at the bud, hand them the money, leave. Thats it.

    Whenever you go with one of your friends to buy bud from a dealer just ask the dealer after you're down the transaction "Hey is it cool if I get your number?" and text them your name.
  5. Thanks for the tips guys, I'll be sure to keep them in mind when buying.

    Can anyone help me with telling how good the weed is without smoking it? I've always gone by the better/stronger it smells, the better it is. I've also been told that smoking buds when wet isn't as good, does this apply to pipes as well? Or is it bullshit?

  6. Spend some time in here to get an idea of what good bud looks like.

    Stash Jar - Forums

    I'd say the problem with wet buds is that they're wet so you're paying for the water weight as well.
  7. i often pick up on my own (for me + missus, or for mates). its all about finding the right one, so get a few numbers off whoever you can. i often get the person who's giving me the number to check with the dealer first its its cool i have it.

    pick up no more than £20 or £40 first time. and try a few out, see who seems nicest/has the best bud etc. the guy i buy off is pretty safe and has ok/good weed all the time.

    i also have a few back-up numbers that i buy off everynow and again so they dont forget who i am! which makes it easier for getting it quickly.

    as for good/bad/wet weed... its just a matter of having a look, does it look dark and wet? then it probably is! if it looks light and crystally then its probably ok.

    if you think your being ripped off, buy a set of scales, mine only cost £10 and its well worth it to check what your getting.

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