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finding green in greener pastures

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kinginthenorth1, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. hello there! I just moved to Kissimmee FL, and I've been searching for weed for weeks and nothings come up :( , ive asked everywhere....from taco bell to fucking disney land. How did you find your dealer? I honestly am desperate right now, so desperate that I've been smoking spice for the past month (thats how long ive been here)...and it is disgusting.
    Ive been checking this website out but never asked for help, so I decided to give it a go. can someone who lives near kissimmee/orlando fl pleaaaaaasssseeee help me find any bud around here? help a desperate stoner in need!! :cry:
  2. "ive asked everywhere....from taco bell to fucking disney land."

    lolll... that is funny my friend. I would probably suggest going to places where younger people hang out, find the places to be where parties are and ask around a little, but mainly just look for your typical stoner type person, if its in an appropriate setting, ask if they have any smoke, if they wanna smoke , etc. after you blaze with em you can tell them that ur new to the area and wanted to get hooked up with a dealer. thats how i would do it
  3. Sit infront of a headshop? Why haven't you done that
  4. Yeah I would follow Phisherman's advice hang out around a head shop. Be subtle and polite when you ask people if they can help you find some smoke. "Hey do you know where I can get any smoke from?" Don't mention marijuana or weed when you approach them. Just say smoke. If there cool with it you can give them specifics, how much you need etc. If they are not, then all you asked for was smoke, could be a cigarette you were looking for. Some will probably tell you no because they have to be cautious to. But sooner or later someone will help. You could also look into cultivating for yourself, if that's an option.
  5. ok guys, so the most random scenario possible happened to me and my friend today.

    we were both arguing over wether or not we should make one last stop at a taco bell and ask one last time (and we eventually did make the stop). i went inside and ordered a chicken flatbread sandwich. after he rang up the order, he asked how i was doing. i answered 'bad....i just moved here and need a new hookup'. he leaned closer and was like 'i know what it feels bro so ill hook you up with this guy later at like 2 AM, after my shift'. we talked for some more and exchanged phone numbers and i left. my friend and i were feeling lucky and didnt wanna wait, so we thought we'd go ask at a kfc.

    after parking my car, some kid who works there called out to me from next to his car and told me that only drive thru was open so i was like 'oh. can you help me find bud?', and that was right after he opened his door. i then got a whiff of the dankest ive smelled in months. he looked inside and it looked like he was talking to someone (the windows were tinted) then was like 'uhhh no man. sorry. good luck though' and he went into his car, and i know for sure he smoked with the people inside. fuck him.

    i was really annoyed so i left and thought about waiting till 2 AM for the taco bell dude, but my friend said we should try one last place for luck. i parked the car, and we both walked out this time. we were walking down the street, when my friend stopped some kids walking towards us holding skateboards and asked them. 'no dude, not in this area- but you can get legal shit! its good dude i guarantee it! that mr nice guy and cloud 9 and shit!' ....little did the bastard know, i had gotten fed up by the lack of weed and had been smoking that shit for a month. the situation was just hilariously ironic. we asked again if he knew places where we could find bud. 'no man, but you gotta try this legal shit! trust me, go to that headshop,' and he pointed towards the headshop id been visiting for the past month. i was about to smack this kid. we walked away without even saying anything back.

    two minutes later, some dude on the other side yelled out 'got a smoke?!' and he crossed over. i pulled out my pack and gave him a cigarette and he was like 'what is this?'... 'a 27,' i answered. 'haha. noooooo man. i meant, what is this. its just a cig' he said. i asked him ' you want bud? cuz my friend and i were looking for some too.' he paused for a second and then said 'yea yea i got some bud i got some bud, how much you want?' ...................................




    this random ass guy turned out to be staying at a motel for just one night to sell the rest of his bud (which was about 6 grams), who had just arrived from tampa 5 minutes earlier. he hunted us down, and he sold us that damn high grade shit. $80. here i am with my friend blazed as hell, playing bf3 and rolling that shit up!

    so i wouldnt say we found weed, i would say that it found us. crazy shit right?
  6. Does not sound like a solid connect though. Doubt you will get that lucky next time.
  7. Taco Bell man is your best bet
  8. i didnt mention that he gave me his number too....and he'll be back in a few days. he's moving from tampa to live in kissimmee hahaha :yay:

    also, i wont forget about taco bell guy
  9. Find your cities "Ghetto" walk to a liqour store in said ghetto... walk up to the first black person you see and ask for bud... worst case scenario... you die. Next to worst case scenario, they say no.. So you have a 1/3 chance of finding bud... so ask 3 people.

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