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  1. I have 2 of the Apollo Horticulture Purple Sun 192W COB LEDs that have faulty chips. I have replaced the chips once before, using some supplied by the seller. However, the seller only had a limited number of replacements. I requested the specs on the chips from the seller, though I'm not sure if he will be able to provide me with the required information. The chips in the units have no identifying marks.
    Are there any Blades out there who could help me out with some information on locating a compatible full spectrum chip for replacement or even an upgrade? What specs do I need to look for?
    Any assistance will be greatly appreciated, and will be certain to boost your karma!

  2. What's the specs of the driver inside the AHPS? That will tell you what kind of Multi Chip/COB  you can use as a replacement.
  3. Whoa! Hold on there! I can turn a screw, but I am no electrical engineer, LOL! Seriously, though, I appreciate the help!
    What and where do I look to find the specs of the driver inside the AHPS. Also, what is the AHPS?  The units contain 3 modules/boxes, heat sink, fan, and the chip. Good light when working properly...
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    AHPS= Apollo Horticulture Purple Sun. Sorry for the confusion HKF :).
    OK 3 boxes is a bit confusing too. There should be one (driver) box for the fan, one for the LED but the third one has me a bit stumped. What is it connected to? Can you take the boxes out and see if there is a sticker that states the electrical input/output of the boxes? The mA and the DC voltage it puts out is what you want to know, then you can figure out if something like if the array below is compatible. You could try to ask Apollo for the info also.
    <span style="margin:0px;font-family:inherit;font-style:inherit;">This runs at 900mA and runs between 30-34 volts DC.</span>
  5. That's exactly the type of information I need. Thank you very much! I'll work on that asap, just closed for the day. These units look simple, I just have no understanding of electronics, so knowing what to look for helps tremendously! I have requested this info from the retailer. He's great at returns and such, but they're closed for the weekend, also, while I'm impatient and occasionally cranky... Not quite up to attempting communication with another Chinese manufacturer.
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    The "mystery" of the 3 boxes is solved. One is the power supply and there are 2 LED drivers. The driver specs are 75-80v DC and 520mA.
    Now for another potentially dumb question...  Do I double up the driver specs to find the correct chip? Would I need one that is ~150v 1040mA? What about the chips that spec for Amps, rather than mA? I am assuming that the chip specs need to be equal or less than the driver(s)...
  7. Ya know I'm a little stumped here. Offhand I've never seen 2 drivers of the same output wired to one array. I guess the array is 2 circuits but IDK. Any chance of some pix? And when you say power supply are you talking about the fan's power supply? Again some pictures of the inside would be a great help in giving you a concrete answer.
  8. I've been in contact with the retailer. They seem to be reluctant to give the chip specs. They did say they had some more replacement chips and were sending some out as of yesterday. I still want to get to the bottom of this. These lights seem to work well, especially when cost is figured in. I'll get a photo up sometime tomorrow.
  9. Whale shit! I have a picture, but they've changed they way you upload photos here and I am not tech savvy and I just can't figure it out. I am being told that I can't upload these types of files when I click to upload the picture to the gallery, and there isn't a way I can see to upload directly from computer to post.
    The picture shows the chip, heat sink, stacked on the fan, with a power supply above and 2 identical LED drivers, one on either side of the chip.

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