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FINDING BUDS in your car :D

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by a muse, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. If many of you smoke in your car or anything do you ever just clean or search yuor car when times go dry?
    Cleaned my car yesterday and found three decent sized nuggies I was stoked.
    And if you don't find any well atleast you have a clean interior (or more messed up then it previously was, depending how hard your craving)
  2. no offence, but that is sad.
    doesnt sound "seasoned" to me
  3. hahaha desperate times call for desperate measures!

  4. How is that not seasoned? I've done it before. You gotta be handling mass amounts of buds in your cars if you don't notice that good sized nugs are gone from your bag. I once went around my room and picked up 5 grams off the floor.
  5. Can't say I ever have. Guess I need to start buying more weed :smoking:
  6. ha one time i took out my car seats to vaccum and stuff. and when i removed my seat i found a 2.0g baggie from when i was selling weed. it was found like 4 months after when i could have been dropped. SCORE!
  7. hahaha i've been wondering if anyone else does this. its like christmas every 2 weeks when i clean my car. actually, funny story, just 2 days ago i cleaned out my car as well as searched for nuggets.
    (just a little background before i continue, i basically run my town, on average a little more that 2 pounds goes through my hands in a week)

    so i figured i'd open up my center console where the shift is, so i popped it off and low and behold i have a vaccum packed ounce of purple kush staring back at me. it brought a tear to my eye. the last time i had purple kush was a month or so ago. i smoked a blunt of it and it still tastes fresh, no mold or anything :hippie:
  8. I rarely find nugs that arent in my tin in my car. It'd be nice if they just grew in my car though.
  9. haha. Yeah I've resorted to searching my car a few times. Last time I remember searching my car for any bud we found enough for me and my friend to smoke up.. We were so excited since we had been dry for a few days:hello:
  10. Fuckin' A man........Fuckin' A. :hello:
  11. well i never found bud in my car but i have on my friends backyard stair ways.
    me and my friends was blazing and somehow the next morning there was like still a dub left ont he stair, we were like "wtf?" then....well u know how it goes
  12. it might be badass tofind buds in your clear but im way too paranoid and i vacuum my car out every other day so noone can find any
  13. if u always have friends in your car like me...
    i bet that u'll find some nugs
    i cleaned my car couple months ago and i found a 20 sack, its not even mine so i was like sick, free bud :smoke:
  14. I sold my car about a month ago only to have the dude that bought it call me and tell me he enjoyed the sack he found in the glove box. Glad he was a chill guy, still sucks I forgot to grab that sack though!
  15. yah man one time i was cleaning my car and found a six gram nuggie in my back seat. i was like " Heyyyy lil guy, did i leave you behind ???" quite frankly he was a little upset so i said screw it...and i smoked him.
  16. The the problem is this...

    If the PO'S search your car.... They're gonna find Mr. Nugg-lito, too.
  17. I found some nugs in my car just the other day haha
  18. A friend of mine got in my truck one time, looked down, and picked up a bud of some mid about 2 inches long off the floor board. It was a great day...

  19. :eek::eek::eek::eek:
  20. lol...they're everywhere!
    I was working with a painting/drywall crew on some college dorms after classes were out, and there were so many rooms with buds, seeds, and stems EVERYWHERE...most looked like they'd been there a long while too...some of the guys kept grabbing them, but the rest of us brought our own! :smoking:

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