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finding bud in college

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by big_will, Aug 24, 2003.

  1. Any tips on findings some weed in college. I just got into college up in North Arkansas and i am surely going to have to find a connection. Have you been in a situation where you had to move somewhere and you didnt know anybody. It sucks. I have to figure something out eventually cause i know its around here.

  2. Meet/Ask people that look like they smoke weed and ask them where they get their bud from. Just goto a party, heh.
  3. i know i got to find some sometime.
    Got to do some chiefing.
    If you know what i mean.

    Later, my fellow stoners
  4. go to a party and ask around
  5. go into your hall.....

    knock on every door asking" do you sell budd?" someone's bound to say yes....

    college has no boundries and a system of very loose morals.... don't be suprised... people do this.

  6. hahahahaha!

    pretty much ;) but personally i'd take a little more cautious approach... just follow your nose in the direction of blokes with long hair. and if you have long hair yourself, they'll probably beckon you over and ask :D

    my friend got wandered up to on campus, and the geezer asked him where he got his bud, and if the guy he got it off wanted a new supplier, tick, equal or better quality, large amounts...

    ...they love it ;)
  7. yeah man, the dorms are crawling with herb, you just have to get out there and meet a couple of people.
  8. I met a couple people know so im making progress. I know that everybody wouldnt want be going without some weed. We all have to have some herb every once in a while. Im looking for some tight ass parties to where i know i can score just about any drugs i want.

    Later. My fellow stoners.
  9. good on you big stoner, let us know of all the drugs avaible at your college...i wonder if there's any mescaline about?
  10. man....... i love college! freedom and everything a guy could ask 4!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Everybody in my suite and the people in the room next to us all smoke. Usually about half the people you meet on campus will smoke so it's not hard to find.
  12. agreed! In college I met some of my bestest smokin buddies!!! best crew Ive ever toked with! :) lol choose wisely! these tokers just may turn out to be some good toking friends for life :D

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