Finding a significant other that's accepts your smoking?

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  1. I'm free of my previous wench and am having a lot of trouble meeting a good girl that's ok with me smoking.

    I know I'm a great guy and all of that, that's no problem. The problem is meeting a girl that can see past the fact that I smoke without immediately being turned off by it. Its driving me nuts because if I smoked cigs it'd be a whole different story and they wouldn't care.

    I dont want to change who I am or hide it, I shouldn't have to.

    Any stories/advice would be helpful

  2. I'm in the same exact boat as you man, Shit's wack..
  3. Why not find a girl that tokes? Just go to a party toking a joint and see who wants to join you. That way you won't waste your time on some stupid bitch who thinks smoking is the devil. A lot of stoner girls are pretty damn cute. You wouldn't marry a girl that has nothing in common with you would you? I wouldn't risk it with non-stoner girls seeing that they may not like it but pretend to accept it at first. Then they will try to force you to quit all of a sudden.
  4. my girl doesnt like me smoking, but shes doesnt do anything when i smoke. its not like im out doing x and fucking everybody. im in my room alone smoking a dutch.
  5. So true omg haha. Has happened to me several times, its really bad. Once they start trying to get you to stop, and you tell them you're not going to, its like a mission impossible movie for them or some shit and they can't get over it.

  6. Same shits happening to me.
  7. I ripped down 4 plants because of my last girlfriend because she didn't like the growing/smoking. The girl is gone and I'd have several ounces of awesome chronic if I didn't do that...

    once pot is legal I'm sending her a bill.

    Stoner chicks just seem few and far between, but I'm not giving up
  8. Exactly! I can never find a straight stoner chick. The only chicks that I know that burn, also drink, roll, and smoke cigarettes......And I don't like all that other shit. I mean, comon, how hard is it to find a down-to-earth girl that enjoys the herb as much as I do?
  9. I just don't want a girlfriend who does not share a semi-large part of my life with me. Just seems like it wouldn't really work out in the end.

  10. And Exactly again!
  11. Am i the only lucky one here? My girl is begging to smoke with me, but I'm dry:(
  12. haha wow dude, too true
  13. You guys are on the right track! Don't settle. My hubby and I have been through the mill when it comes to weed and our relationship. Chicks are just dumb like that, it's the whole Cinderella syndrome. She was fine hanging out with Dopey until Prince Charming came around. BLAH BLAH least that's what happened with me.

    It was never the weed that caused the problems. It was the thought that everything should be "perfect". I've chilled out and we both smoke. It's a part of our relationship that binds us even closer together. Something that we both enjoy and can do together, like a jigsaw puzzle only better! ...way way way fucking better! ;)

    She's out there, just don't give up!!!!
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    They don't have to be current tokers, but any potential partner that a man or woman toker is going to be serious with probably has at least been a user at some point in their life - and should not expect their toker partner to stop smoking unless there's a very good reason to do so. Before I was married I had some relationships that ultimately failed, but it had nothing to do with my use of weed, and there was no way I'd tolerate, or even get involved with in the first place, anybody that tried to tell me what I could or couldn't do as far as weed was/is concerned.
  15. One can develop a relationship with the herb itself, and women can almost...feel this? They will feel this and possibly even become threatened by it. This is just how I feel from personal experience.

    This plant is not meant to be loved practically as a companion, ie. being unable to envision a family life without weed involved, but only enjoyed, if not in moderation then at least as a supplement to your activities, rather than smoking becoming the activity itself.

    It is indeed possible for you to pass up your ideal woman because of weed. It shouldn't be such a big part of your life that you couldn't possibly at least 'tone it down' for a while. As far as settling goes, you would settle for the very first stoner chick that didn't also smoke crack that you come across.

    Weed is not a building block of a successful relationship. It can be something that you both enjoy doing, but you need something much stronger than one shared interest to find happiness with someone.

    I'm mostly just rambling my thoughts here, but trust me on this one.
  16. I have this one guy that only drinks, he has extremely bad asthma, but he doesnt care if I do so its awesome
  17. How's that even possible? I'm cool with like 5 or 6 girls that have dating potential... and they all smoke.

  18. You're half right and half wrong. Yes, a relationship should be based on more than just a love for weed. But, if you find someone that you really like, and she happens to love weed as much as you do, it would end up being a much better relationship in the long run then if you were the only one that enjoyed bud;)

  19. Yeah dude, finding a girl that smokes isn't that hard. 2 of my good smoking buddies are girls (I'd never date them, they're bros to me), and I have a few other girls I'll toke with time to time that are pretty hot.

    Also, just let them come to you, its way easier to find a girl who smokes by lighting a blunt or a joint at a party than date girls and find out later that they don't like it. Plus its a great way to find something in common

  20. Correction: Not that hard for YOU. We all live in different areas so there may be differences between how many stoner chicks there are where you live haha.
    All the parties I know of near me are filled with Crackheads or total preps. No stoner parties =(

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