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Finding a piece in NJ

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Flyinstarhigh, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. Anyone from NJ know were I can get a piece preferably around central NJ? Also I have never had or smoked from one before so you guys have any suggestions on a fairly priced glass piece?
  2. Im sure you could google your location and find local headshops. If not order online or just roll joints n blunts?
  3. Ill check google but delivery is not an option dont want the wrong person to open the package lol...
  4. your first piece will always have a special place in your heart. get something you like even if it means going a little over price
  5. North Jersey guy here.
    There's a porn shops along 46 that I like to go to. But when I'm feeling it I'll take the train to NYC.
  6. I'm from south jersey I go to Artifax in Philly theres other shops too but this one has great pieces at good prices. Artifax-Rhawnhurt-Philly
  7. There is a Smoke Shop in Hasbrock Heights. It is called Wonderland Smoke Shop and they have some nice pieces there.

  8. Hmmmm thats only like 25 min away from me any of you heard of the Smoke Shop Xtreme in Keyport?

  9. Yeah I've been to xtreme in keyport, I believe it's on 36 .. There's also another shop like half a block up on the opposite side of the street from extreme .. I forget the name but one of the two is decently priced with good selEction.

    Wonderland also has another smaller location on main st in freehold which is a pretty chill spot not as much glass to offer as the ones in keyport tho. Pipe down is another shop which has locations in long branch and toms river in SJ .. I bought my mflb from the on in long branch, they throw in some free lighters/hempwik with purchase, also good customer service there (fine ass female attendant when I was there last yr btw)

  10. Wonderland is nice LHS for me so i visit quite often. They have a beautiful Ham scientific bubbler that i wanted to pick up. Very nice variety a couple illy's too. :smoke:
  12. Amsterdam Smoke Shop in new brunswick..Theres actually like 4 smoke shops all next to each other.
  13. Yeah new brunswick is a good place to start. Go up and down easton ave and you'll find countless headshops. Also in somerville is a good headshop called urban chaos.
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    The Pipe Down. There is one in West Long Branch and one in Toms River. Very chill owners, great selection of pieces and great selection ( 200+ ) of papers.

    Edit: They have a great selection of locally blown glass as well.
  15. In central jersey I tend to go to wonderland in freehold, Xtreme in keyport and outta control which is right by Xtreme. Or I hate to say it for cheap glass the gulf station on route 9/Ryan road in manalapan has dope pieces once in a while (bongs, bowls, legit everything)
  16. I love Wonderland. Great place with good prices.

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