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  1. As some of you know, I just recently quit my job. Sexual harassment in the workforce should not be tolerated. Anyway, this week is my last week and i have been in search of a job since I gave them my notice. NOTHING! I have changed jobs numerous times, and I always find that I have millions of law firms knocking at my door....this time around. NOTHING.

    I even started faxing my resume to Spas and Salons for a receptionist position. I hate to sound proud BUT I have a lot more experience to be working for a Spa, i would imagine theyd want me.......

    Been 4 weeks nothing.

    I am starting to get really discouraged and nervous.... I need some bites, and soon.

    USUALLY what i would have done was wait until i had a job lined up then quit. BUT because i was being sexually harassed and coming home in tears, i couldnt take anymore. SADLY the job I have now is perfect. Good pay, good people... I just couldnt do it anymore.

    ARG. The thing is, I am never down about situations like this. I am ALWAYS optomistic, I ALWAYS have something lined up.....

    I just feel lost in this whole situation.
  2. don't give up. eventually something will come up. good luck to you in the future.
  3. hey i hear you.

    im doing this temporary construction job. i love it, im using my muscles again and im getting some sun on my pasty skin. but its not a reliable source of income, since im not officially on the construction company's payroll.

    ive been to 19 places in two weeks.

  4. I wish I could just take a month off and enjoy my summer... but I have bills....and...yeh.

    A lot of my friends are in construction...they seem to like it.

    I work in the legal secretary field....majoring in Government it gives me the knowledge so I can go to law school.

    I love the job as well.

    First long term job I had.. I decided to look for a job, found a new one day later. I was fired one time cause the attorney didnt like college students and esecially didnt like day I faxed my resume to a law the job. When this lawyer turned out to be a crazy man...I got my new job here...

    Ive been spoiled and lucky in the past.....I just hope my luck didnt drift away or something..

    I need to buy a new car as well. Ive been without my OWN care for a few months.. G20 broke down.........and was not worth it to fix. NOW trying to get things in order for a down payment and monthly payments..

    im stressed. :cry:

    Any lawyers on the forum in need of a paralegal..... haha. At least then i wouldnt hafta worry about drug testing.
  5. That sucks. What are you studying ? Legal/business?
  6. Started a new job exactly a week ago. Getting paid tomarrow. It has been ONE DRY, BROKE ASS WEEK.
  7. Im a government politics major... focus on pre law.

    I am planning to continue my education and get a law degree in Elder law and domestic law. I was considering buisness law for awhile, but i think I am leaning away from that.

    Im actually minoring in theater. hehe.

    sadly, I can relate. its hard not having an income. Thats why I am getting nervous.. its thursday.. tomorrow is my last day....and then.. next week ill be feeling worthless sitting on my butt at home.

    i havent been unemployed in about...4 to 5 years

    my last paycheck is being put towards down payment for a i may be dry for awhile
  8. Never a bad thing to do though. No matter how much I hate it, it saves lots of money, clears my thoughts, lowers my tolerance and reminds me of what life used to be like..
  9. i know taking a break is not bad.. but the difference is i am taking a break without meaning to.

    I dont want to. It sucks to be in college getting paid a lot less than you are worth.. (hell.. i am not getting paid anything currently

    I faxed my resume to 5 different places last night.. hopefully i hear something soon.

    *EDIT YAY!! I just got called by a spa.. they want me to work there. i get paid 1 dollar less than if I worked in the field i am studying in... and im sure its a lot more fun of a college job!!! HORRAYY!!
  10. Awsome good job im glad everything worked out for the best :D
  11. Thanks. I just got off the phone with the manager. I go in tomorrow to get an orientation and I start on tuesday..

    BEST THING is....when someone has a cancelation.. and a therapist has nothing to do...if there are other people working the front I can get a free massage or facial...or nails done...

    Wow. I post last night bitching about nothing getting a job.. I get one today. Today rules.

    Im gonna go take a celebration bong hit.......:bongin:

    Thanks for all the support guys.
  12. Well done! I know exactly how you feel though cos I was outta work since Feb (after leaving the army) and was just beginning to lose hope when I got offered a really good job. Start in 2 weeks so you'll have cash before me...lend me 20 bucks?? Jk! Hope the new job works out for you x
  13. That's awesome....this bowl's for you and your new job!! :hello: :bongin:
  14. man that really sucks... i don't know the story but thats bullshit. You should have tried to get the dude or whatever fired instead of quitting in my opinon... although i dont know the whole story.

    but best of luck anyways.
  15. Sadly the guy was the vp of the company and I was just a I didnt have my power in the situation..

    thanks for your post thought, It is good to know people support me going forward with the sexual harassment complaint. i just didnt want to stay in a place that that guy was working at. Honestly, you dont take sexual harassment as seriously until you experience it.. it is very emotional and downgrading....i felt like i was going to cry numerous times.


    Thanks for the bowl Dela... TheColonel and i went on a celebratiion drive and smoked a jay in honor of my new job... hopefully drug testing wont be a problem....

    I never imagined myself working a college student job.. ive been in an office since high school. Its a bit of a relief... working at a spa sounds so fun.
  16. ^ you do realize that you may be in a very good position to file a sexual harassment lawsuit against your former employer.

    if you'd like, pm me the details and i might be able to give you more advice.
    (ie: types of incidents, witnesses to incidents, etc)

    females win civil sex harass lawsuits all the time and rake in hundreds of thousands or even millions, especially when it's someone who is high up in the company like the vp.
  17. :yay: glad you found a new job, congrats
  18. I know that women benefit from a sexual harrasment suit. While working as a legal assistant i helped work on a sexual harassment suit...

    I am not sure how I feel about filing for one. i realize it could be taking advantage to get money.... which is....bad.

    BUT sexual harassment in the workplace is a very serious issue and the fact that he did not get fired.. and only get told not to speak to me... is the fault of the company.

    what are your opinions on that guys... i had to switch work because of such....find new income....and i was scared to be at work.

    I was afraid to stand up around him knowing hed be just glued to my body.

    it was a terrible work experience.
  19. Grats on the new job. I got paid today. Weed for me!

    I had to watch a 2 hour video on sexual harrasment the other day. All i know is.. I hope one of the old ladies at the deli doesn't harass me. Hehe.

    If I were a girl I would be more worried.
  20. if I were you id be worried.. i hear old ladies are the worst when it comes to sexual harassment... and sex. youd be shocked to discover their dirty little minds..


    I know it doesnt seem like a huge thing, in fact as ive said before I never fully took it seriously. I take all my doubts on the seriousness of sexual harassment back. It is a terrible terrible thing, even when done in a friendly matter.

    He was like that with all women, the office was well aware of his flirtacious tendencies... and making sexual comments that were not meant for work... also trying to throw candy down shirts... i

    all bad.

    He is also around 74.

    I dont know... im not fully decided if i will take legal action. I am sure some girls at work will be willing to testfy that he is a jerk. One girl even changed her wardrobe so she wouldnt get sexual comments thrown in her direction.

    im leaning more on the no side. thing is, i am majoring in law...focusing on elder and domestic law with cases involving sexism...... and sexual harrasment.......

    id feel like a hyprocite..if i didnt go forward.

    i dunno. its tough.

    i dont want to create a bogus case.. but in my mind i think it is justified....

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