Finding a good multivitamin?

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    So how do I go about finding a good multivitamin for me? I don't even know where to start to look, and I know its going to be different depending on various factors but atleast having an idea of how to narrow it down would help. Also I know that there isn't much need of a vitamin if you have a proper diet plan but unfortunately I do not and I know there are things that I must be deficient in because of it. Anyone? :bongin:
  2. I just bought some "one a day" for men, i chose it because it had everything all the other multivitamins had but I only had to take one a day, opposed to the others like centrum and others that said to take 2 a day. So i get 3 months out of a bottle opposed to 1.5 months of the other bottles.

    just go to your local drug store and look at all of them and choose what you think is the best buy for your buck
  3. Any multivitamin will do, but even more important is omega 3 unless you eat lots of fish
  4. I recommend switching your diet up to healthy plants so you can just eat all the vitamins and minerals you need, but if you're gonna take a multi these are definitely some of the best you can buy.

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    I have the max potency...I don't always take it but sometimes I will for b12, vitamin D, and some other good stuff I miss out on sometimes

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