Finding a good growing medium.

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  1. Our first grow sucked. We had 3 semi-healthy bagseed plants last about 2 months and they all sexed male. Second grow consists of 2 white widow (purchased) and 1 "G-13" (Found in bag of very good pot) which are now growing in the same mix with about 20% added pearlite. I came across a nursery yesterday and picked up about 30 bucks worth of materials. Here's the pic. I need to know the best ratios to use of everything. Pearlite, Vermiculite, Peat moss and potting soil. I also bought some ferti-lome fish emulsion 5-1-1. Poopy. Anyways, I hope we're getting a good start. tell me what you think!
  2. Hey forgot the pic, and I also forgot to mention that we're planning on taking 3-4 clones from each of the white widows and forcing the mother plants to flower early to determine sex and get an early sexing on the clones. We'll have a better growing medium this time around so hopefully the patience pays off.
  3. There is no consensus on the "best" mix. Here's a simple formula that I use to great results:

    - 40% organic potting soil (no nutes)
    - 30% sphagnum moss
    - 20% worm castings
    - 10% perlite
    - Maybe add a little sand after measuring in all above ingredients
    - Mix well

    I would not add the fish shit for starting seedlings, use that in the soil when you re-pot. Don't fertilize for the first 2-3 weeks of a sprout's life.

  4. was this bag of good pot actually g-13? or just some really dank shit? if it wasn't g13, then your plant isn't either. if so, your lucky as g13 seeds are expensive as fuck. good luck!
  5. i thought g13 wasnt able to come in seeds as all g-13's plants out there now is females? i heard the only way you could get this strain is from a clone at a seedbank and even than its hard to find....
  6. you can still get g13 just hope you have plenty of money to spend as most seed stock of it will now be a couple of years old and in great demand but as for finding some in your bag there's no reason why not even a g13 plant can turn hermie lol
  7. I'm probably going with toastybiz's mix recommendation, and want to know if I have a number of clones that are rooted and ready to start vegging can I put them straight into a mix such as this; just dig into the soil and drop the clone root ball in? i remember reading a clone is actually not young but is older like its mother and can be treated like a big plant.

    second point about toasty mix is does that mix not need extra fertilising throughout the 12 weeks of growing. I'm a little unsure of fertilising when you do these type of soil grows and are trying to be as organic as possible, like do you steer away from the grow and bloom hydro type liquid formulas you would use when doing hydro. if so how do you give your plants a bit of nutrient kick when they need it, an organic plant 'tonic' like Seasol (we get in Australia) or do you build all required nutrients into the soil mix (ie the worm castings and peat moss) from the start.

    finally at the end of the grow can the toasty soil mix be recycled and used again, or is it thrown out, or bolstered.

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