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Finding A Good Connect

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by penduick, Jul 8, 2009.

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    I'm new here but have a bit of pot experience under my belt. I have been smoking for the main purpose of helping me with medical conditions although I wont lie being high is a bonus :). Im home from college for the summer and no longer have a source for weed.

    So here comes my question/dilemma. How do i go about finding a reliable source for weed?

    My friends that live around here only smoke occasionally and for fun and any leads from them cant help me out. Im looking for something where I can pay for it myself and consume it as i please and not smoke off others reserves.

    MJ has fixed just about everything that was wrong with me and now that im out im back to misery.

    I live just north of chicago and dont know where to start. I know i could drive to South Chicago and ask around but I dont want to get in any sticky situations. I dont mind a bit of a drive but nothing too rediculous.

    I'm 19 and have been smoking for about a year now and have made many purchases but not in this area.

    I dont know if this will get me anywhere but thought i'd give it a shot seeing as how i have no other options.

    So if anyone knows someone around here or can give me a helping hand, please let me know.

    Mods: Please dont ban me. I come with best of intentions.
  2. just go around hinting it u know. i mean im sure people on here wont tell u a dealer or give a number on here. g around just looking like a stoner in parts of town where u think stoners might hang out. works for me a lot.

  3. Problem is im looking for something a bit more reliable where i can buy 1/8 and 1/4 and not a street dealer selling dime bags.
  4. where do your friends get it? i dont see how ypu cant get any from the same dealer?
  5. My friends all leech off one other friend and he is only in town once in the summer because he lives in washington. I asked if he could hook me up when he was here but he doesnt know anyone in the area anymore because they all moved away.

    Im screwed :(
  6. dude just ask the people that u smoke with if they can give u the number of their dealer. just ask people you know that smokes and be like "hey do you know anyone that can get me bud"

    you should have no problem

    and youre gonna have a hard time finding a dealer that only sells dime bags...usually an 1/8 is the lowest any dealer sells, unless youre kinda cool with them and its not too much of a hassle, but ive never heard of a dealer that ONLY sells dimebags... thats just not a good business approach...
  7. ask everyone you know if they know anyone who deals. I'm sure someone can hook you up.
  8. I have asked absolutely everyone i know and everyone they know.

    I must suck at this shit
  9. get a job, make friends, ask them? ha
  10. Clubs are a good place to find dealers or a hookup which could lead you to a dealer. Also, you could hang around the malls or anywhere you see the local stoners hanging out at. You have to be open and just ask people that look like the stoner type. Whats the worst that can happen? You just ended in the same place you were anyways. I agree though, dont go into a hairy place in town just to get some isnt worth it if you get shot or robbed.
  11. Go to a skatepark or a club or something. Somewhere people who probably smoke weed hang out. Even go in front of a bus station and ask random people. You would be suprised how many times i saw people get hooked up. I do live in cali though...
  12. One of my issues is i have social anxiety and weed helps that. Going out to random people isnt exactly in my comfort zone. I need weed to get weed. its a vicious cycle.

    Bud needs to be legalized or at the very least for medicinal purposes.
  13. I feel ya there, in the same boat. I've been hanging around the local headshop and anytime I try to go talk to someone I just about go into a panic attack. I don't know how well it might work but you might try some legal stuff to mellow out enough to start talking to someone.

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