Finding a good Bubbler

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  1. I've went on Grasscity and started searching for a good Bubbler. Many of them are pretty expensive. Though that can be pretty understandable since they're pretty much in good quality. What is the best Bubbler for a first time buyer? I don't want to have to buy a new one if the first one I pick out turns out to be one I don't like too much. Any help would be great. Thank you!
  2. Any of the artisan heady glass should have good function.

    Chinese made glass, especially off brand stuff is a mixed bag.

    I have a simple 8 arm "octobong" bubbler from Black Leaf, which works perfectly fine. It's more of a chubbler than a bubbler, but it essentially works the same way.

    If you want heady glass, just go for whatever looks nicest to you.
    Though in my own experience I prefer to hold the pipe in my left hand, so the carb hole needs to be in a practical location for that. For me that is usually on the right side of the pipe.
    My chubbler doesn't have a carb hole, as it takes a regular SG19 bowl. So I lift the bowl instead.

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