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Finding a dealer

Discussion in 'General' started by Dakolac, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. I just moved from tampa Florida to denver Colorado and I do not know how to find a new connection, any suggestions?
  2. WeBeHigh.com Denver marijuana street prices

    Where to buy marijuana in Denver :Civic Center Park: immediately west of Broadway in-between Colfax and 14th Avenue Parkway. Don't bother at night, nobody will be there to sell except for opportunistic rip-off artists. But, if it's daytime 7-days a week and there isn't a summertime festival going on then you are good-to-go.
    Groups of dealers hang out there divided by race. There's usually Black guys near Colfax and Mexican guys closer to 14th Ave, with a few White guys sprinkled around randomly. The deals are very straight and quick. Everything is sold in dimes and twenty sacks. Use your instincts because you can get ripped off but your odds are actually really good of getting a fair deal.
  3. how can you not find weed in denver. lol
  4. Wait until april 20th and just go to the huge 420 party outside the college and theres tons of dealers lookin for people

  5. I have actually and its only been my third day here but I would rather not buy from an,other high schooler ...:cool:
  6. If you have a balcony do what I do, get high on it and just ask people passing by if they want to get a hit. You'll find one eventually.

  7. Can't really get high if I don't have bud:confused_2:

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