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Finding a dealer

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CitySmoker420, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. how do i tell if somebody is selling?

    normally i check for:

    -standing near a car
    -standing with 1 or 2 ppl
    -smoking a cig
    -lookin kinda shady
  2. Why do you care...? I mean, are you looking for a dealer or what?
  3. Or just know your dealer. Something about approaching random shady people doesn't seem wise, particularly when illegal drugs and money are involved.
  4. Ask your friends who smoke, someone has to know a reliable person. However, if you look at the Real Life Stories section of this forums there's a few cases of getting hooked up with a dealer through a friend goes straight to hell. (Getting shot, robbed, etc)
  5. yeah im lookin for a new one...
  6. So do you plan on scoping out drug deals and then just approaching the dealer??

    Thats an easy way to get shot... you could walk up on the wrong person at the wrong time... and most dealers have to much to lose to give a fuck. Just ask friends for hookups and meet their dealers or whatever.
  7. If you go to college ask around there, you can get some dank shit if you go to a high or low class school, the middle class school is more posers though, just some kids growing dirt in their closets. Low class or community college tends to be (Sorry that I'm stereotyping here) people who grew up around some form of illegal substance and they'll tend to be more experienced. High class school have richer kids who are less experienced, but they have enough cash for high end supplies that'll make even the hardest to grow crops manageable
  8. Your methods arent a 100% off if your looking to get killed in the process. There are easier ways, such as post a message on here of your area like me I live in cali, does anyone else live out here. If people say yes kind of see who lives near you and who doesnt and ask for there dealer or if they deal now dont do alot of this in actual posts pick people and send them private messages so your not totally putting people on the spot. You never know there could be a dealer down the street from your house this is how I met my dealer. He litterally lives up the street to HAHAHA. =)

    If these dont work another way to approach it is to go to rehab and get a dealer there, ive done that to its kind of messed up but not everyone wants to go clean they just want to find better dealers/buyers you know? So thats another option.

    If you dont like any of these take my new route. Grow your self, do it indoors and get some pretty high quality stuff to grow with. Make sure you can hide it build a ventilation system to keep the smell out burn insence every day or more 10 times a day whatever you have to do. If you have a cool place in the back yard do it there or a closet or something. Find a pot plant that doesnt smell to bad or has practically no odor at all. There are many ways to grow and not get caught but the real key is...DONT TELL ANYONE YOU KNOW. Keep it a huge secret! =) You should be okay. Hope some of these helped and I really hope I didnt just speak non-sence hehe. Good luck.
  9. Interesting post above. That is the second time I have heard someone say that rehab is a home turf for drug dealers and hookups seeking.
  10. It's honestly not that hard. Find a friend that smokes (or pretty close peer) and ask them. For the most part around here, people are pretty chill when giving up contacts. You may have to go with them to meet the dealer, but hey, you're getting a number by the end of the day.
  11. My piece of life advice for you sir is to not buy from someone that is a complete stranger. I know it sounds paranoid but you never know what they did to it ya know. Some of the worst stuff I have ever bought was from a total stranger and I have never had a good experience like that. Just ask your friends if they know anyone.
  12. Thats how I met all of mine, best way I think.
  13. 1/4 of the bud that i've had i've gotten from people I didn't even know off the street. (I live in suburbia)

    Just spot a 19-20-21 year old that looks like he smokes (it aint that hard, everybody smokes) and ask him if he's has any.

    Go to your local shopping center and stand in front of pizza parlors, and you'll find stoners.
  14. go to the park, pizza place, shopping center,skatepark, or a stoner on the side of the street on 4:20

  15. eyah dude thats what i did, but i dont drive... so its tough

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