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Finding a dealer

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by dave2322, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. Sorry for the duplicate putting this here because I believe this is the proper spot. Any, I am a relatively new smoker and I have been using a random dude I know to get my weed but he is a known thief and I am pretty sure he is pinching my sack. He has stolen a lot of stuff from a good friend and it is a bit of a stab in the back for me to be using him but idk what to do
  2. Call him out? He sounds like a scumbag, if he thinks you dont know what hes doing he will continue to do it
  3. If you're not going straight to the dealer, but this guy is going for you, then you need to talk to him. Ask him what or how much  he expects for doing this favor.
    I've met every dealer over the last 40 years through another friend.
  4. invest in a scale. It's much better than wondering whether you got proper weight, or your dude is a douche trying to make a couple extra dollars. 
  5. get a scale and start looking for a real dealer and not some back ally scum
  6. Looking for another. Ask other friends.
  7. Thx everyone. The friend who he stole from is my middleman now. The best things is he is cool with the dealer so I actually get more than I pay for
  8. buying a scale is great, just make sure you don't screw it up. I bought one the other day and tried tare-ing it but screwed up so now I need exactly 500g to re-calibrate. 
  9. You know he is a thief and backstabber? Then why the fuck would you call him your dealer. I'd never call someone like that my dealer. 

    I had some friend that went back to a guy that has beaten my other friend up, stole 200 and more dollars from us, and has a huge reputation for hurting/stealing from others for little to no reason. Shit made me furious that my old buddy went back to this kid for drugs. People like that don't deserve to make money or friends. 
  10. I just found out about that dude recently. As soon as I found out I put up this post. I haven't used him since.

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