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Finding a dealer in T.O.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Thaplanesgotit, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. hey everyone!
    so for as long as ive smoked ive never had to talk to a dealer or buy directly from one, either because one of my friends picked it up for me or someone im with had some on them
    so i just noticed that all my friends went to diff cities for uni and theres is NO ONE I KNOW who smokes... at all :mad: arghhhh
    so any tips for finding a dealer in tdot? not looking for hookups (cus thats against the rules :eek: ) just want a few pointers
    thanks :)
  2. there this team of guys that wears all green jumpsuits and drives around in a giant bong shaped car and they just drop off weed for the stoners every morning like the milkman bro.

    how have you not heard of this :confused:

  3. ahahahahahahahaahha i had a dream like this a few days ago :smoke:
  4. I really don't know... but there are stoners everywhere. Try to go to some of the headshops in toronto and ask people who go in there.

    I live a bit outside toronto, so im not much help :smoke:
  5. Dude,
    1.) just find Vapour Central/Kindrid Cafe/Hotbox Cafe.
    2.) Stand infront of the Cafe/Lounge
    3.) Ask a random who walks out of said cafe/lounge with red eyes
    4.) problem solved

    Just note that you cannot buy from people that are inside the establishments. These are "bring your own bud bars". If they find you doing this, they'll ask you to leave.

  6. thanks good idea... just finding a steady dealer might be a little harder

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