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finding a dealer for ladies?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by StonedKitten, Nov 7, 2014.

  1. Ok I just moved to San Antonio and cannot find weed for shit. I know the whole "go-up-to-people-who-look-stoned" and general way of finding dealers, which worked great in Washington, but here its a bit sketchy. I've heard people talk about it and I've even tried Craigslist lol. My problem is that most of the dealers are dudes and like 6'3" looking to screw and I'm a 5' 18 year old with tits the size of bowling balls and due to some trauma when I was little its terrifying. I just want some goddamn weed. What do I do? How can I find a genuinely cool dealer and not have to deal with this? Is it just me? I self medicate PTSD and depression/anxiety with marijuana so its really getting to me now. I haven't smoked in a month. Theres a possibility in my neighbor but I just don't know how to tell if he's going to be one of those guys who sells me a joint and wants more. Should I cross dress for my own sanity?
  2. drop hints at your LHS
  3. I guess one method would be finding like minded stoner babes and see if they'll hook you up with their guy/girl?
    i'm sure there'd be people in your area that aren't going to suggest you suck pen0r for buds. if it comes down to it you could always say you had some kind of horrible STD or something  :confused_2:
  4. I'm sure of that too, but like I said the people I've run into here and the past has me too afraid to ask anymore. If I could find a chick in my area I would but I've yet to come by anyone but my fiance's sister :/ Maybe I should go to the mall and see if I find some grungy kids like in Washington.
  5. Look for a short dealer and whip out your bowling ball melons?  :hide:  lol just kidding sweety, good luck on your quest!
  6. Come to think about it, my dealer is a young, good looking girl...  I remember realizing I had becomes friends with her and then thinking - damn I really am a stoner haha. I was really high at the time too. It was a hilarious stoned epiphany :p.
    But yea I agree with what others have said, you should look for a small/young dealer (man or woman) or find a connection from a friend somewhere. I look like a stereotypical hippy at the moment - long hair, hippy clothing and a tendency to be obviously high. People sometimes approach me in public, asking things like "hey bro, do you know where we could score any weed?" So long as they don't seem intimidating or really creepy, I'm happy to introduce them to one of my dealers; and my dealers are happy to find a new customer. You don't seem intimidating or creepy, so if you approached me, the odds are you'd be meeting one of my dealers :p. I think a lot of stoners will think similar things, so it's just a matter of trying til you succeed.
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    GTFO of Texas if you want to find a female dealer. I highly suggest you move to nearby Colorado. Texas is very anti- marijuana. The only arternatives you have is:
    1. Go through a male
    2. Wear a t-shirt that says "need a female weed dealer, hit me up"
    3. GTFO of Texas and move to med state
    4.  Go without.
    If you get a hold of some seeds, save em for spring.
  8. I would first make some good friends who are male and not looking to screw. Regardless of whether or not they smoke, they can at the very least help you/go with you to find some and that might give you some peace of mind. Honestly, you'd be surprised the favors that a man will do for a woman even if he isn't looking to get in your pants. I think it's just nature to help?
    I'm not familiar with the San Antonio area, but if there is a college campus some where nearby, that would be your best bet at finding weed. Do you smoke cigarettes? Walking up and asking for a light is a great conversation starter, and most people on college campuses are always open to meeting new people

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  9. Yeah I do smoke cigarettes and since San Antonio is pretty fricken huge the nearest campus is just way out of my way. But I could just sign myself up for the winter courses lol.
    Old School Smoker: That isn't really an option since I was near homeless when I decided to move here and don't exactly have money to start over in another state.
    And everybody else thanks for the tips :) I do suffer from chronic PTSD so from everything that's happened let's see how this goes 😶
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    It's sad to see that this is a real problem. From personal experience, I've had one of my very attractive lady customers tell me how glad she was I didn't try to get in her pants for selling her some chronic. I don't get why my fellow members of the male race think every chick thats hot and talking to them wants to fuck them. Yes, there are girls who will have sex for drugs, including weed, but this in no way represents a majority. Chances are she really does just like you for your drugs, same way your dude customers do. I just try to put myself in her shoes and treat everyone with respect which is what I want from my customers or anyone for that matter.

    The best insurance hands down is another body. Doesn't have to be a guy either. You could have another 5" girl like yourself honestly; just having someone else there with another set of eyes peeled and ears open is invaluable to safety. Ask your dealer if they're okay with someone tagging along, and if they ask why be straight up. Be honest, it'll speak a lot about your character and will be noticed. If they say no, then don't do it. It's really easy to forget that there is more weed in the world than that slice or quarter you were about to pick up.

    If you do you get robbed/assaulted and the ole ETBR method doesn't work (Eyes, Throat, Balls, Run), pulling a knife or handgun is the worst move and I shouldn't need to explain why. Strength in numbers > weapons. Unfortunately for you, Texas has some of the loosest gun laws in the country and they may even have legal unlicensed CCW for residents. Do what you will with that info.

    Without going into detail, I used to date a girl who went through a similar type of trauma, albeit under different circumstances. I get a little passionate when it comes to people who think they can control a woman or her body. Please don't do anything if you don't feel comfortable with it. Stay safe and one love
  11. I would use the advantage of being a female to your advantage. I would rather much deal with some young cutie instead of an old ass hippie that hasn't showered in a decade. Maybe invest in pepper spray, should be cheap idk tho
    unrelated but I was in San Antonio over the summer for like 2 days tops and that place had cops everywhere. I saw more cops in SA than I did on an entire road trip.

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