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Find 'Em

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Nov 24, 2001.


I found it now what?

  1. Yes sir!

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  2. Jesus Christ!, have you been smoking already

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  3. You have smoked yourelf stupid!

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  4. one eyed one horn purple people eater

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  1. What would you do? Day after T-Day and putting up Christmas Stuff. No Shopping, all day take down Autmn crap and put up X-mas stuff. Lights, and a damn houseful of snowmne, etc. Drinking a beer and think you got to conserve the stash. Wife goes, Hey I think i found osme stuff inn the attic. Jump up an drun up steps. Holy shit! Thank you ganeesha, its a fucreaking tree. Is this any good? it looks pretty bad all brown and shit so the only way to find out is to pack a bowl and check that mofo out. So do I check this ancient stuff out. LEftover from last year crop and been hung in the attic foe over 365 @24@7. Dis stufee was bad mojo weed. So do you try it out?

  2. Better than grits and sweet tea!

    oh yeah baby

    Critter let me have a bad ass smilie.
  3. BPP the only way to tell is to fire it up.
    Let us know if it's any good.
  4. I think by reading everything in the top post you can tell that I had already tried it.

    This is the bad mojo stuff that makes a normal mild-mannered man run out of the bookstore because he thinks he's late in getting home. Only to realize when the cell phone rings in his wife's car that he is driving, that he left his wife and kids at the bookstore.

    2 bowfuls shared between me and the Mrs. and I need a strong cup of coffee this morning.

    The strain was from some obscure brand sold cheap by Heavens Stairway a couple of years ago, called Dagger Glen. I think it is a Black Domina x Durban Poison.
  5. Hey BPP, I knew that you had already smoked some. I was saying the only way to find out is to fire it up. Of course you already know that.
    Have a good day friend.
  6. Yes sir! I'd smoke it!

    I found a very old bud in a jacket that I never wear once. I was so stoked cause I was dry at the time and it probably took me less than 2min to get out the bong, pack one and puff away.

    It was a bit harsh on the old throat but it got me high!!
  7. Enjoy! Good Herb Karma to ya!! Recovered Treasure is soooo sweet!!
  8. (And I always vote the "people eater party"!!) Man I'm Blazed!!

  9. I'm glad to see someone finally voted my ticket!
  10. Us Rebels gotta hang together!! Takin' a hit..........passin' to ya'll!!
  11. Hells yeah I love to find lost or hidden weed down the road Especially when I'm dry. I don't think i'd care how old it was. It's even better than finding money in the washer or dryer. Usually the rest of the day seems like an easy street.

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