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find dope in mexico

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Doobication, Jan 29, 2004.

  1. tip for anyone ventureing to mexico... If your walkin through the markets and you spot a vendor selling pipes, go up to the guy, ask about the pipes... take a look at them all.. check out the shit... and say "IF only i hade stuff to fill it" i tested this... and 5 out of 10 times they will show you a bag of some really green weed...On the resort i stayed at in Peuorto Vallarta they had a vendor on the beach everyday... and everyday i would buy a half ounce for 20 bucks!!!.. sell some to some stupid kids thinkin there gettin a deal... and go buy more... i tell you what.. theres nothin like blazin in the warmth by the beach.with the waves crashin... im the only one out of all my friends who got high in a CAVE....
  2. Isn't Mexico known for like uhmmmm.... the shittiest weed in the world?
  3. i live in texas, and I sometimes I get mexi brick, somes good but the thing is its really compressed...
  4. that sounds awsome wish i could go to mexico to get high
  5. yea, I am going on a cruise in a few months so that is a great tip, I will definetly try it. This is quite awsome as I was just recently wondering how I was gonna score some bud while on my trip. Keep in mind, I only want enuff to smoke while on the island so as not to get caught with it on the ship or when comeing back.

    We are going to Cozumel, Grand Caymen, Belize, and Costa Maya. Should make for a good honeymoon don't ya think.

    Any other tips would be apreciated, if you have been to any of these places, please let me know how you scored.


  6. Oh, congratulations! That sounds like an awesome honeymoon!! :)

  7. like i said, it was really greeen... but still got me high... it was not that bad... i smoked quite a bit and at the end of the trip the same dope got me just as high... soo its aiight.. better than what i expected
  8. hell yeah man when i go to arizona to visit family our family just crosses the border so were in the tourist part so u can buy really cheap stuff. their are sometimes even guys that if you look like a smoker cause both me and my brother do we have the tie die shirts and stuff they just ask you well pulling out a bag yo want some weed. doesnt matter to me id buy some brick weed for 20 a half ounce thats one hell of a deal.
  9. no shit eh.... 20 a halfounce..... that was soo sweet... i was soo stoked that i found weed then i was even more stoked about the price.... haha
  10. yeah the guys around were i go sell it cheap because they need to live. all the guys who try and sell usually hang around the pipe shops too. yeah i was about to buy some but my fuckin dad came over and told my brother and me to quit looking at the god damn pipes. mind you this is before he knew i smoked. yea i wanted to buy a 5-10 dollar piece and some weed for real cheap and have a better time in arizona the custom guys never give a shit about me for some reason. every time they just look at me and tell me to move on. next time i go to az i think ill get some make the week a hell of a lot more tolerable that and also having to take freaking a whole mess of hours to fly back to good ol NY.

  11. I've been to puerto vallarta, nice place. It was a little bit touristy for my tastes, though. I've lived in Mexico for a couple months at a time before, and got sick of the touristy spots (cabo san lucas, for example) pretty quick. I ended up staying in cabo pulmo for awhile, and that is still where I think of when I think of Mexico.
  12. the "shitty mexican weed" you get in america is shitty because it was all compressed so it could be smuggled. i bet theres some really good weed in mexico.... plenty of sunlight and i bet theres some great growers down there
  13. Yeah, the weed i got was pretty fresh and plump... nice high too... very mellow

  14. $20? You got ripped guy. You should be able to get *at least* 1-2 ounces for that in those parts. Oh well, atleast you had a good time though right? :)
  15. Ripped???? Excuse me? I would gladly pay $50 for a single once of brick weed.

  16. yea 1-2 ounces of dirt
  17. i was down in guadalajara for 3 mos. i used to skit off to a neighboring town called tlacapaque. there i musta smoked some of the best mexican weed grown in mexico. it was not compressed, just light green semi airy nugz that literally put me on my ass. i paid 20 dollars for an oz, and before leaving 40 bucks for a little less than 3 oz. you paid a lil much, but hey you where in a tourist spot, we all know how inflation works, even at its lowest levels. :)

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