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Financial situation

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by headsmaster, May 15, 2011.

  1. Lately I've been thinking of either buying upgrades for the bong i just purchased or saving my money for a substantial amount of weed for when I move. Any advice on which decision is better?
  2. I would say buy weed. I hate to run out and its even worse to run out and have nice new stuff to use to smoke it.

    But it really depends on your situation. How long is the financial situation going to last? Will it be weeks or months to get new smoke? Are you able to buy small amounts at a time like 50 bucks worth here and there? I know that the dealer I use I don't bother with less than 150 in smoke. It's quite a drive and seeing how I go through my hustbands good friend I refuse to bother him if its not worth his time.

    Now that I have my card I am able to get out of the mind set of running out. I can buy small ammounts and its not a bother to a family friend.

    You need to weigh your options my friend..
  3. Yea im not going to upgrade my piece probably, just buy weed and dmt
  4. buy weed, save dmt for when you sleep :p
  5. what is a substantial amount of weed to you?
  6. by myself, an ounce
  7. Spend it all on weed...
  8. i say go with the attachments and have some self control
  9. Weed! You said you just bought it so you should just enjoy your purchase with some grade A marijuana!

  10. Why for when you sleep?.. extracting in a few days...
  11. none thanks
  12. DMT is produced in your brain when you sleep :p hes saying dont do it
  13. get weed cuz the best bong is pointless if u got no bud
  14. thats what im saying and yes there is endogenous dmt but man you gotta try it, it will change your life and you have an unearthly experience.
  15. If it was me I'd buy a quantity of great weed before I'd buy a fancy worked ash catcher or pre-cooler thingamajig. The weed get's you high...the add on's for bongs are just bells and whistles...sure they can be nice but you definitely don't need them.
  16. get the dankest dank possible. forget the bong attachments they won't do anything.
  17. I got a new showerhead downstem haha and they do help for sure but you just don't wanna blow mad money on glass well unless you just have money like that

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