Finaly decided to spend the money for a "good" bong.

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  1. I have been smoking since I was 13, I am 22 now, but I have never had a realy nice bong. The most I have ever spent on a bong is 20 bucks.

    So I decided to spend the money on a good bong, which is funny because I currently cant smoke the green (between jobs, need to pass a UA). The one I want to buy is on GC its a weed star 7 mm with perc and ice thingy, and I'm gonna buy an ash catcher for it too. The longest I have ever had a bong is about a year, so how long do you think this 235 (ish) dollar bong will last me?

    BTW it's 4:20 in the am now hurray for insomnia, (another side affect of withdrawls for me).
  2. naw get one at a headshop bro, spend a little more
  3. Id have to take the bus into portland, i dont wanna.

  4. If you are getting a bong, you could do a lot worse than the one you have in mind. For what they charge, Weedstar makes a good pipe. If you're game to spend 200+ bucks tho, you could do a lot better IMHO. Especially if you can visit local shops and haggle a bit.

    Good luck! let us know what you get :wave:
  5. I guess I should have done that when I was in portland on the first for the GMM, I got a few cool things at the march thoughe.
  6. dont buy on first looks (you might regret)

    shop around abit.

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