Finals completely fucked my sleep schedule

Discussion in 'General' started by NFloyd2357, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. man, between all the all nighters, days on adderall, sleeping 3 hours a night, or just living on various uppers and downers, my sleep schedule is hella messed up. I got a decent night sleep last night, but i think my sleep deprivation finally caught up to me. i went to sleep at like 6 or 7 this evening and i just woke up. ugh, fuck finals, even if they are done
  2. feel u bro same here
  3. FINALS are fucking over! Here's to a month of chilling the fuck out! I worked my ass off this semester and got a 4.0gpa, so I'm gonna make this time off rewarding =)

  4. wow, grats on the 4.0, and the 420 post count!!!

    wish i did as well... i tend to either get an A in a class of an F:confused_2:

    i think i got 3 A's and an F this semester... i had to drop a class too... pops will be pissed. and now that im open with my mom about smoking, she blames everything in my life on it, ugh
  5. Oh i hear you on this one. It doesnt help i got sick this week too so i couldnt sleep anyways. But they are done and i did ok. :) Im looking forward to boarding the mountains this break and smoking my new pipe :)
  6. Wanna talk about a fucked up sleep schedule from college?

    I'm fucking nocturnal now.
  7. Its very true, I'm sitting here at my parents house and my dad just woke up for the fucking 4am, I guess it was time for me to go upstairs to bed
  8. Welcome to college, man. It happens to everyone. I'm just happy to be done with everything and able to relax at home. It's been a VERY long and stressful semester.
  9. yea, im done with finals, but i still have to take a makeup exam on monday, then im done. this semester sucked for me, last year was way easier

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