Finally used something I learned in school in the real world

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  1. I took Basic Emergency Care last semester (before summer) and they taught us First Aid & CPR. Today I was chilling on my bed and when I hear my mom calling my name I run to the kitchen and see my nephew choking on one of those cheap peppermint candies and my brother was trying to take it out and he couldn't. I did the procedure they taught me and was able to get it out quickly and he was fine :) No need to call the rescue or anything. Idk, feels good mayne hahaha I never thought I'd use any of the shit they taught me. Good thing it's still fresh in my memory :hello:
  2. Ahh I hat those mints, I almost choked to death on one of those when I was 6. Good job though, nce to know some stuff we learn nowadays is useful.
  3. Nicely done. I like how you included that it was a cheap peppermint candy.
  4. Thanks :) and yeah haha fuck those candies. It was kinda scary to be honest. I mean, they teach you what to do when everyone is panicing but my sister in law was going insane on me and it was chaotic but I obviously didn't let it get to me I had to ignore everyone and remember the skills from class.
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    nice save that musta felt pretty awesome to have helped out like that

    this reminds me of when i was little in colombia (like 6 or 7) and i always used to eat thousands of kanepas? i think there called there covered with a shell that comes off like an orange and inside is a big seed covered with a thin layer of flesh that you eat and that day i swallowed it and started choking because it completely plugged my airway and my mom comes in sees me and starts panicing and screaming staring at me saying a bunch of shit in spanish (i was basically on my own because she rendered herself useless and i would have died) so seeing that my mommy couldnt help me i tried to punch it out of my own throat through my back and ran and sorta threw myself at the wall so i would hit my back and kept doing it until it popped out of my throat kinda shattered the "mommy will make it all better" image for me and formed a "your on your own noones coming to help you" kinda thought process for a while
    wish someone that knew what you knew was there to help i wouldnt have grown up kinda twisted hah
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    Yeah man, right on! I dunno if you remember my thread about doing CPR on the guy who got in a motorcycle accident behind me, but I can say that the most important part is to appear, act and stay calm. That way your head's clear, and it also gives those who are panicking an example to follow. Some guy tried to move the dude who was thrown off his motorcycle. :rolleyes:

    Whoa dude, chill on the run on sentences....
    But yeah, I was choking on an ice cube at a hockey game once when I was a kid. Nobody noticed because it was so loud and I couldn't make any noise. Finally the shit melted enough for me to dislodge it. Too bad it shot out into the biker dude's head in front of me, and the jerk movement I made when it came loose caused the bucket of popcorn in my lap to avalanche onto the same guy....he was pissed lol
  7. I almost died eating some doritos becuase my Mates don't know basic care :mad:

    I threw a chip in my mouth and some how it landed horizontally in my throat, and became lodged when i tried to swallow...
    I choked for over a minute (a pretty long time when your choking), eventually fell to the ground dying (friends said my lips turned blue) and all they did was stand in a circle around me watching.

    The chip must have gotten soggy becuase it eventually broke and i was able to gasp/choke/breath again.

    Personally I think that emergancy care should be taught to all kids, your lucky your countrys schools cover it.

    (PS. yes i got my revenge on that pack of Doritos, and many of its brothers)
  8. Or you could've punched him in the stomach causing him to throw up.

  9. LOL

    "Hey Jethro, see that there boy over yonder chokin?"
    "Wonder what we can do?"
    "Iunno....reckon we can make it come up somehow"
    "Let's punch him in the stomach and make that sumbitch git on outta there!"
  10. I would have appreciated someone punching me in the throat when the Dorito was killing me :mad:

    Anythings better than nothing.

  11. lol, I woulda made sure my dead body pinned down the guy who decided that would be a good idea.

    "Who's the smart guy now, mister 'I have a dead guy on top of me?'"
  12. Theres a pizza place nearby that uses some very stringy cheese.

    Seems like no matter how much I chew i almost choke on it with every bite.

    So im always careful when eating melted cheese strands :)

    Good job OP!
  13. Good Job, I've learned CPR too, It's actually pretty helpful.
  14. :yay:A REAL LIFE HERO!!!!!:love:;):smoke:
  15. You do realize that's the entire premise behind the Heimlich maneuverer right? Cause the person choking to produce enough internal pressure (ie vomit) in order to dislodge the piece of food causing them to choke.
  16. +rep for saving a kids life.

  17. That's awesome!! How does it feel knowing you saved a life? +rep!

  18. Yes I know - but which one do they advise, the Heimlich maneuver or punching the kid in the stomach?

    "Choking hazard - in case of suffocation, apply uppercut to area under the ribs"
  19. hell yeah girl! way to go with the save.~
    my hero <3 :D
  20. Thanks everyone :) I'm just wondering what would have happened had I not taken that class this year. :eek:

    Haha thank you. It feels awesome to be honest. I mean, believe it or not this is not the first time I saved a life this year. We had an incident here on GC back in June and mushroomsatsuji (sp?) and I saved someone's life :) we had someone trying to was a long story really but the dude reached out to me through VM and I PM'd him my number and he called me and I knew then he really didn't want to die. Then mush helped me out and he got a hold of the front desk at the hotel the dude was staying at and the paramedics came and they took him to the hospital to got his stomach pumped. Crazy shit right? That experience alone was extremely stressful so this one wasn't AS stressful even though there was chaos in the house. The thing they teach you in the class is to get the surrounding people to either help you out or get them to do something but it's different when you're in an actual real life situation you know? You kinda go..oh shit...time is the enemy so it's you vs. time and you don't think about anything else but the person and how they are feeling. But yeah good thing I'm majoring in nursing :hello: and mush is gonna be a firefighter so that summer event was kinda like a learning experience for both of us. And now I have this other event under my belt.

    I had a really crappy month last month so hopefully this brings me good karma :hello:

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