Finally tripping!

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  1. I've posted several times in the past couple weeks concerning Morning Glory seeds. Well they came in today, I washed them, ground em up in my weed grinder and this shits starting to roll, feels like im getting high right now. I hope this shit kicks good. Send me some vibes!!! :D
  2. How was it?
  3. 2 hours later asking how it WAS?
    How IS it man?
    Good vibes your way :D
  4. good vibes all around good luck i just got my seeds in today right now im crushing them up and making them into tea how did you take your morning glory seeds?
  5. my buddy said hes got some morning glorys he's got and we're gonna do em tomorrow. Someone in my neighborhood has a morning glory plant and theres seeds all around it. What should i expect? I've never had any experience with them before.
  6. Ok guys, that shit was intense. I ate around 100 about 8pm. Went to my buddies house next door. Drank a sparks. My buddy wanted to try them so he ate some, I ate and additional 50 then I guess around a half hour later I ate 100 more. This shit was creeping up on me. I felt like I was just getting really high. We then drove to a party, felt like i was drunk when I was walking. When we go to the party I smoked some damn good weed, my dude had some home grown shit. Ripping a steamroller and a couple hits from a waterfall. Went back inside, started to trip hard it was around 10:30 or 11pm. Music was amazing. Seemed like I could stare at something until it broke down into pixels. Like if you look at a TV to close. The music would flow through me, absolutely amazing. On the way back my buddies in the car were to loud I screamed at them to shut the fuck you. Like the yell came from some place deep. It was cool because I could float between two worlds. Like from the trip, back to just being stoned and aware. I could have conversations unless my senses got overloaded. I laid down around 2 am. Had some death cab for cutie playing along with incubus, this seemed to soothe me. I shut my eyes and didnt sleep, but my mind raced. I thought about anything and everything. When I was around people I was like I could see who they really are every detail. The thoughts got so deep, maybe the deepest I ever thought. Then around 3:30am I got up and wanted to throw up. Made it to the bathroom and threw up my guts, sickest I have been in a long time. Laid back down, my mind continued to race and sleep would not come until 6 or 7am. I wanted to sleep so bad. I woke up around 10 am. My ears ringed bad, felt really dizzy like I did when I huffed air duster as a kid. Drank water, went back to sleep until 12:00 pm. Woke back up, feel like shit. Rough trip as I sit back and analyse my night.
  7. so all you got to do is buy the seeds, wash em,eat em,then trip?
    i have seen morning glory seed at a store yesterday but im not sure how i can trip
    is it possible if i can make them in a tea if so tell me the steps please
    and thatnk you
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    Yea, pretty much but your gonna get sick if you dont do a CWE. You need to grind them up really fine to make the most of it. Alot of seeds are treated with pesticides and fungicides. I bought some organic untreated ones.

    Im about to leave where I go to school and go back to the hometown for the rest of the week end. Im gonna pick up some perc's and lay the fuck down. My head feels so shitty.

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