Finally tried edibles and holy shhhh

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  1. Sorry i posted this in another section when i really wanted it here. If you saw it somewhere else im not a spammer

    So i smoke about 2 joints a session and thats about it. Had a really rough week at work, got some crazy news from 3 different directions i wasnt expecting and i just wanted a night of peace and quiet and honestly just being couch locked.

    I smoke a joint, waited half hour and wasnt where i wantd to be so i amoked another. I remembered a friend of mine gave me some kushy punch edible gummys and i had only taken one and didnt get much from it.

    So i took two and yeah i was comfy but i wanted that high you get when your new and feels like a weighted blanket is comforting you.

    Needless to say i called it a night and the following night i had the house to myself and thought ill do a repeat but with more edibles. I had two joints in two hours, was feein good but nothing crazy, ate 4 edibles of 10mg thc (third time ever) and they are a ONE HOUR TIME RELEASE

    I took them and looked at my watch it was 946.......AT 1046 it came on like wam and when it did i of course knew this was gonna be a wild ride

    The reason i started amoking was to battle anxiety, well in reality weed gave me anxiety attacks when i first started but it helped me to explore it because i fealt i had introduced it, it wasnt out of nowhere and it was bc i was obviously smoking weed. So over time my tolerance went up, my anxiety went down and i learned how to get through a panic attack when sober.

    Fastforward back to night number 2 and not only did it come on way to intense and overwhelming, i started feeling panicky which i was proud of myself cause i kept my cool. After 20 minutes went for a walk, finally faced some of the things ive been suppressing for so long and honestly had a shit experience that helped me alot.

    Dont know what to think of edibles lol the high is awesome but if you overdo it your f’d lol

    I have smoked every night since and do just fine.

    Maybe just 3 next time hahahaha

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