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Finally tried edibles and holy shhh

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Rocket1967, Jun 24, 2019.

  1. So i smoke about 2 joints a session and thats about it. Had a really rough week at work, got some crazy news from 3 different directions i wasnt expecting and i just wanted a night of peace and quiet and honestly just being couch locked.

    I smoke a joint, waited half hour and wasnt where i wantd to be so i amoked another. I remembered a friend of mine gave me some kushy punch edible gummys and i had only taken one and didnt get much from it.

    So i took two and yeah i was comfy but i wanted that high you get when your new and feels like a weighted blanket is comforting you.

    Needless to say i called it a night and the following night i had the house to myself and thought ill do a repeat but with more edibles. I had two joints in two hours, was feein good but nothing crazy, ate 4 edibles of 10mg thc (third time ever) and they are a ONE HOUR TIME RELEASE

    I took them and looked at my watch it was 946.......AT 1046 it came on like wam and when it did i of course knew this was gonna be a wild ride

    The reason i started amoking was to battle anxiety, well in reality weed gave me anxiety attacks when i first started but it helped me to explore it because i fealt i had introduced it, it wasnt out of nowhere and it was bc i was obviously smoking weed. So over time my tolerance went up, my anxiety went down and i learned how to get through a panic attack when sober.

    Fastforward back to night number 2 and not only did it come on way to intense and overwhelming, i started feeling panicky which i was proud of myself cause i kept my cool. After 20 minutes went for a walk, finally faced some of the things ive been suppressing for so long and honestly had a shit experience that helped me alot.

    Dont know what to think of edibles lol the high is awesome but if you overdo it your f’d lol

    I have smoked every night since and do just fine.

    Maybe just 3 next time hahahaha

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  2. HAHAHAHAHAAaaaaaaa Welcome to the fun and exciting world of edibles.
    <---- edibles every day for my little medical issue. Keeps my pain under control but the side effects leave me stoned off my ass all day long. :)
    It's a fair enough trade off as I don't mind the stone even when it gets real intense. I just hang on and ride it out. I know it won't hurt me it'll just be a little uncomfortable when it peaks.

    Sneak up on an edible high the first few times and any time your testing new unknown strength ones. I make my own oil from what I grow so it's the same strength every batch and I can still get taken for a ride now and again when it hits me extra hard.
  3. Inhalation vs. edibles are very different ballgames. The main point is, inhalation simply cannot deliver the amount of drug to the bloodstream as can edible. Inhalation goes straight in and wears off in an hour or 2, at most. Even continuously vaping for hours on end will not achieve a blood concentration approaching a high edible dose, simply due to the body's metabolism processing it out as fast as you can take it in.
  4. @Rocket1967
    With edibles your Liver changes Delta-9-THC into 11-Hydroxy-THC.
    The much bigger, badder ass kicking older brother of the THC family.
    Around 5 times stronger and 10x longer lasting. This is the primary reason people tend to totally misjudge how much edible they can take.
    "Ohh I smoke a gram of concentrates a day surely I can take a 1/4 gram in an edible". So Wrong.

    Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads
    I make some of the most potent edibles on the city at the moment. :)
    ( Pats self on the back)
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    Gotta love your spirit @BrassNwood. Your stories of food gluttony increasing your high are very interesting, as well.

    I make some of the most lightweight edibles on the city...pats self on head ...oh, except for when I caught the green dragon.
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