Finally took the leap

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by ukgingertoker19, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. Right then pot heads ive finally took the plunge into growing my own
    I already have my grow cab setup after reading for many months on this forum
    Just looking for some advice especially from uk growers
    My final Few questions before i tell you what ive ordered are;
    What nutes should i use and when?
    Do I need to add anything to my batmix before i plant my germinated seeds in?
    Which seed should i start with?
    Am i best to germinate a few of the regular seeds and see how they grow and what they come out as?

    Bearing in mind i only really will have the room to grow one plant
    Im planning on 1 plant utilizing every possible training method going and make a big old scrog

    The seeds ive ordered are:
    Honeysuckle Female Seeds (Feminized)
    California Special (Regular) x5
    Blueberry Twist Seeds (Feminized)
    Northern High Lights (Feminized)

    My recent spending spree:
    Plagron Batmix
    Extra Plagron Perlite (oops realized i didn't really need this)
    Digital LCD plug timer
    Mesh for (LST)
    Selection of pots for each stage of repotting
    Electronic PH meter
    Twist ties (LST)
    Computer Fans to help keep air moving
    Activated Carbon Pellets for diy filter
    Diamond Mylar
    Thermometer and Humidity Meter
    200W dual spectrum CFL

    Sorry if its a total mess to read
  2. I just fertilize when the plants show they need a little nutrition

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