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Finally Toked for the first time

Discussion in 'General' started by AloeRuss, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. So

    I finally Toked this Saturday. Smoked sativa morning star. Been 6 years and experience was great.

    I really took small hit. It took about 15 seconds before I started feeling cerebral and good. I started playing world of Warcraft and boy, let me tell you ... I played this game before but I had no idea that the only way to play it is Toked :)

    Waiting for the next weekend. No stopping now
    Now, I just need to find a good, discreet, little metal pipe that can be used.

    I hope I am welcomed to the club ...
  2. Welcome to the club, but don't buy a metal pipe. Go for a little glass pipe instead!
  3. Honestly.
    Glass piece will make it better and you can still conceal them easily
  4. I just broke a little glass one when I was empying it :)

    It was cheep I was given for free
  5. whats up bro
  6. Is there a small one you would recommend from store here?
  7. Just going over my grass garden
  8. I'd just buy one at a local smoke shop if I were you.

    GC tends to be on the pricey side, especially if you are just getting a little pipe.
  9. Make sense. Why do you say glass is better?
  10. They burn cooler and cleaner, they are healthier for you than metal pipes, and you can clean them easier.

    Glass is just all around better to smoke out of than metal in my opinion.
  11. Got it. Thank u for welcoming :)
  12. Glass is better LSD got it all. Get a little chillum or a spoon, u can pack small bowls and they are small.

    Also welcome to the city fellow blade!
  13. I have to find a good one. Will post pics soon

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