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Finally they worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by RWK Nova, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Finally i made firecrackers and instead of the temp at 350 i put it too 450 for 23 min. then took it out and replaced the burnt cracker with non burnt and wraped it up i ate it at 10.13 and now its 1:50 and just kicked in.
  2. @350 it would have worked just fine and you wouldnt have had to replace anything. 450 is quite hot, and although it may have worked, it may not have worked to the best of its ability. Sounds like your oven is a problem.
  3. 450 is just unneccs. why run up the bill for no change in effect!
  4. Congrats! It feels good when you finally make some cannabis food that works doesn't it? As for temperature....normally that would be way more heat then needed. HOWEVER, I have found that every oven is different and the "temp gauge" cannot always be trusted! I have to crank my oven up to about 400 to get the temp in the oven up to just 375 degrees. Thermometers are key to success, don't trust your oven gauge haha (unless of course its a fancy newer model).
  5. This is correct and actually may be a key reason why some people are having trouble with their firecrackers.
  6. Very true, I think it is one of the major causes of failure for people who are new to the world of cooking marijuana. I know that in my experimentation phase I failed MANY times. I even almost came to the presumptuous conclusion that my body was just not able to digest THC. Haha am I glad I didn't give up!
  7. Glad you didnt give up bro!

    Yeah, it takes a lot of practice and experimentation. Im glad the OP tried 450, bcuz it works for him/her. 450 is really high, and probably not the most efficient, but hey, it worked right!? It varies from oven 2 oven.
  8. damn i gotta try 400 next time because i put my toaster oven on 350 and it barely worked..
  9. I must say, that out of oven and toaster oven, I'm beginning to find that toaster ovens are usually the most temperature unreliable.
  10. Thanks firecracker king Fumar Verde my firecracker was burnt on top so it probably wasn't efficient im gonna try 400 degrees next time or get a thermometer in my oven. But it still worked all i had to do was take the burnt crackers off and put non burnt on.
  11. Haha its all good bro, im glad they worked, now you know about the incredible high that firecrackers can offer!

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