Finally the time has come...

Discussion in 'General' started by Ballin' Toker, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. My po is comin ova tonight to lemme off probation.... Im stocked up and ready to blaze. imma stay high till im broke, and am wayyy excited. I cant eleive this time has finally come.
  2. Congrats.. enjoy it, you deserved it.
  3. Congrats.

    How long have you been on probation?
  4. 9 long ass sober months...
  5. better hid your shit well.
  6. glad to see you pulling through.

  7. Oh thats smart. Id keep the weed out of the house till he leaves
  8. hide that weed man

    don't want to got caught and start it all over again
  9. Ha it must be an awesome feeling to be able to smoke again. you earned that shit dude, lol.
  10. Yeah, it definitely would suck to be caught on the last day =)

    Congrats on the nine months though.

    Ah who am I kidding, you're probably baked out of your skull by the time I'm posting this.
  11. ill light a j for u later
  12. Any updates on the situation?
  13. I'm getting nervous...I hope the dude's just really really high.:confused:
  14. Nice dude, good luck to that :)

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