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finally some space

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, May 13, 2004.

  1. aah i love my husband i sho'do. but damn you ever been round not only a huge person but a space stealer? throws their crap everywhere, an i mean everywhere.....eats and waits for the magik troll to remove his diner place. hogging up the good chair.....a space stealer! well. aah i got some space forawhile :) same time every year no matter what is going on.....trucks to the state up north to steal your morals,..(yummy mushrooms,not he trippy kind)
    an finally some good karma a friend came over earlier burned two....he felt awfully sorry for my stash and left he half of aother....hubby left me smokless!
    we'll just see about that.
    but at least i have space..aaaahhhhh
    i dont even think he knows he's a space
  2. I'm sure it's nice to have some space to yourself for a little while. I live alone, so it's only the cat that I have to worry about hogging the good chair, lol. And she's easily moved, but I hate to do it most times cause she looks so damn comfortable.

    Gives me that look like "Don't even think about it dad". LOL. :D

    Shame on your hubby for leaving you smokeless! I'm glad that ~~Karma~~ helped you out there! Enjoy the smoke and the extra space!

  3. Hahaha thats really funny, but true, ill keep that in mind when im with my GF, lol
  4. lamo @ the concept of a space stealer.

    higha, you ever used the line "this bed/room/doorway/passageway/table/house/car/etc aint big enough for the both of us." on him? :D
  5. to myself manytimes........"this house aint big enough for him"

    my 9 yr old said yesterday "mom the house is really clean when dads gone,(she was talking about the coffee table he puts everything there and then waits for the trolls to haul it all away) ........and weve alot less shoes all over the floor"
    she even knows he's a space stealer
  6. That sounds like me Highya.. I have my own personal place to put all my junk (stuff).

    It does get a little piled up at times though!

    Women always want more space... I don't think the Grand Canyon would be big enough.. :D
  7. lol thats really funny though, lol space stealer, lol
  8. HIGH All, "space stealer" *LOL* made me lose my toke....
  9. im serious :D havent you ever thought of someone that just takes up toooo much space. im telin ya he's a big guy,...and to top that off you have to give him the custom 3 foot personal space rule....THATS ALOT OF SPACE. and its noticable!

  10. AHAHAHAHA you just made my night, lol :)

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