finally......some real space to work with!

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  1. i have stumbled upon a new place to live which allows me an ENTIRE room to work my green magic. the room is 10 x 14 with a sliding door closet 2 x 8. pretty cool, huh? now for my dilemma; although i am super excited to expand my measly grow into a potentially great grow, i haven't the slightest clue how to set up my room. any input is greatly appreciated. :D
  2. too general... what are you looking to get out of the grow and what kind of grow do you want? like a cheap grow or do it properly? lots of factors, give us some information about what your needs are and what you want...
  3. some things to take into account:

    light leak - you don't want people outside the room seeing bright light escaping from it
    appearance from the outside - you don't want to be able to see blacked out windows. If you need to black them out put it inside the curtains so all you can see from the outside is the curtains. And work out a way to open them as much as you can during the day. You want the room to look normal in every way.
    smell - clean the air you're exhausting from the room. You don't want to be able to smell anything weird from outside the room.
    condensation - check the outside of the house for condensation. People have been caught just because there was a lot of condensation on the outside walls.
    heat - ventilation must be adequate to prevent the plants from overheating.
    don't draw attention to yourself - don't do anything to attract the attention of the police or to make your neighbors suspicious. No loud arguments or throwing of objects in the house, no loud parties, don't threaten your neighbors, keep your yard clean and tidy. When you're walking around the outside of the house looking at the windows and stuff be aware that your neighbors could be watching you, make it look like you're doing something else.

    And rule number one: Tell Nobody!
  4. i would like to utilize the space as efficiently as possible, while maximizing each dollar i spend. there is a window in the room 5 x 3, which i plan on boarding up over the blinds and cut holes for my intake and out take. but it only opens from the right so i guess it is really half the size. i plan on using the closet for my moms and vegetating growth. i would like to use the rest of the room for budding and as a work space, for transplanting and mixing nutes.

    the stuff i already have:
    1- 600w HPS ballast, hood and bulb
    4-yo yo light hangers
    1-10 inch vortex fan
    1-400 w Metal Halide w/ hood
    1- squirrel fan
    digital temp/humidity gage
    1- 16 inch oscillating fan
    1- 2 foot carbon filter with 6 inch opening
    20ft of 6 inch ducting
    1- 10lb CO2 tank

    I know i still need a bunch of shit. more lights, flood tables, co2 regulator.....
    I hope this extra info was helpful. :wave:
  5. Welcome to a world of paranoia... but it should pay off for you.... have an entire room is a great thing... just don't have anyone over, because it'll stink.... no matter how much ventilation you have...

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