Finally! Some Good News For 2012!

Discussion in 'General' started by Liquidtruth, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Thats tight.
  2. The aristocracy are going to take off into space at the dawn of the apocalypse

    it's all coming together now ;_;
  4. LMMFAO!!! I don't know how big you think it will be, but I doubt it will be able to house the rich elite during some massive exodus. :D
  5. I wish I could own a home in orbit, that would be fun. I wonder when (if) they'll start selling those?
  6. Thats amazing..But I was thinking it would be cooler to have an ACTUAL space hotel, that stayed in orbit all the time
  7. That's cool. I also heard that they're making a huge elevator of sorts that will go from the earth to the outer space... Some weird shit is gonna happen in the future and only time will tell!
    Till then stay high till you die. :smoke:
  8. the SPACE...motel 6
  9. I have a bad feeling about this, I dont know why.
  10. fuck that shit thats to expensive

    as time progresses like everything technology will drive costs down, i got 40-60 years to wait.

    did that thing say "and plus velcro suits to stick to walls" or something?? sounds real fun...I want photon torepedos, hyper drive, and a negative plasma ion disrupter on my space-vacation-holiday-cruise-ship
  11. Yeah, that would be cool. One day. :)
    Hopefully it only takes 20. ;)
  12. tight. If that's true it will only be about 65 years between the first human flight of a couple feet and the first landing on the moon, and about 45 years after that the first mass commercial space station.
  13. Sigh....

    This "Shit to do before I die" list just keeps growing :/
  14. True that. I wanna drop acid in space, have always wanted to since freshman year of high school.

  15. ...and the rich get richer.

    I would sell my soul for a chance to go into space. It should be a human right to see earth from space, not just a right held for the rich and famous.

    I cannot even begin to explain how disappointed ill be if I dont get that priceless view of this planet.

    What movie was it where the guy died on the face of the moon, sitting there looking at the earth? Thats exactly how I want to die....
  16. I think the earth is beautiful enough. I have no desire to see space when there is so much of earth I've yet to experience.

  17. Shame on you...
  18. Yeah, it'll get cheaper. I'm going. I read about a company who were making a 3 and a half mile long sling shot out of car tyres. They're going to put each person in bubblewrap and put them in a metal sphere and whack them straight out into space for a couple of orbits then fall back again. They're going to fire the craft off the earth horizontally so that they wont have to get over gravity. I bought my ticket last week....



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